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2013.02.07, 10:09 PM
since getting a pm from juggler (aka vag - from greece)...
it made me wonder... how many 2.4 ghz versions did kyosho make?
and are there any performance improvements / enhancements that would give an advantage over each version?

from traveler's post (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37851) i got the following....

mr02 = RA-18 board
AWD = RA-19 board
F1 2.4 = RA-18F board
all three boards have the reverse delay.

mr03 = RA-22 board comes with the coreless servo motor and no reverese delay

so I assume the new RA-22B 03 Chase Mode board is also reverse friendly.

new AWD = RA-23T board
F1 Chase Mode = RA-24T boards

from traveller's post, i think the main issue was the reverse delay....
so what board does the mr02ex have? and performance wise how does it stack up against the other boards?

would appreciate some pics to see if there any differences... :D

2013.02.08, 07:04 AM
i started a thread on PCB identification (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18084&highlight=pcb) long ago that just never seemed to go anywhere. i was hoping we could compile a listing of all pcb's released with top and bottom photos and provide prudent info like fet type/qnty, known issues, etc.

2013.02.09, 06:51 PM
hmm... seemed like a good idea, too bad it didn't gather enough response...
have you any experience with the mr02ex boards? any body else find differences vs. the other versions?

thanks in advance

2013.05.07, 12:10 AM
Herman mate, I recently bought an MR02 EX readyset from our stock in our Sydney shop. It is the blue calsonic GT-R35 and seems to have been manufactured late 2012 or early 2013. For those who aren't sure, I've a attached a photo. At the very least, this model has no notable reverse delay.

I am actually more a fan of the MR02 than the 03 and I've also had a go of an early-production MR02EX from my friend Frank, who happened to purchase it almost a year ago.

Frank's MR02EX was the Red FXX that was popular in early EX sets. It had a very pronounced lag of about a second before it could go into reverse. The early MR02EX sets were the orange murcielago, the red and grey R-35 and the green aston martin and maybe a few more?

My MR02EX (blue r-35) has no reverse delay. It is comparable to the Mr03 :confused: . This is all rather strange. I was surprised. I wonder if there is a possible board difference or even an ICS setting that was altered between the earlier and later sets? I checked the gold-sticker on the top chassis plate of both Franks' FXX and my R35 and they both claim to use the same RA-18E board.

2013.05.07, 04:55 AM
thanks for the reply... so i guess... reverse delay in the early release ex vs. little reverse delay in the newer versions.... maybe there is some way to dial out the delay with the ics manager that you can download?

2013.05.07, 07:11 AM
Thanks for the info Geo-Z. I didn't realize there's an RA-18E! Assume the E stands for EX. Curious about the apparent lack of reverse delay on the newer one, but don't think it can be totally eliminated through ICS setting, else everyone would have done that way back when the RA-18 was first introduced. Would be interested in seeing pictures of the actual boards front and back.

2013.05.07, 12:22 PM
if pictures are posted/attached, please update the PCB Identification thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18084&highlight=KYOSHO+PCB) ;)

2013.05.07, 08:26 PM
@ traveller : All good mate. There was a thread about this a page back 'MR-02 EX board' in which a few members were stating that the early EX sets still had reverse delay while others state the reverse has been fixed. So it seems the earlier sets may have been luck of the draw - you either got the reverse delay or didn't.
I recall a thread in either this or the ASF forum about the reverse delay being programmed out not using the ICS manager but on the throttle/brake options on KOPROPO radios. Something about setting the throttle idle position from 'narrow' to 'wide'...gotta take a second look ;) . Unfortunately this does require a the purchase of an Ex-10/ex-1 with ASF module :P not sure about the EX-5UR.

@ arch2b : Will do as soon as I get a break from my schedule. :cool: bTW i don't own a non-EX MR02 board for comparison.

2013.05.08, 10:31 AM
Hey guys,

I took some photos of the car showing the MR02EX chassis, top plate with the gold sticker which says RA-18E, top PCB and bottom PCB.

The small antenna is made from an insulated, flexible black wire which is thicker than the MR03's. Also, the plastic on the MR02EX feels lighter and more brittle although i cannot say for sure.

The FETS are 3010, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.

Lastly, the board has a strange 'rx : revision 03' stamped to the bottom of the board. Would be interesting to know if the earlier EX's had the same thing or another revision, possibly 'rev: 02' or 'rev:01'?

Cheers and I'll try to get better pics for Arch's pcb thread (no flash was used).


P:S I read on Canada Mini-z's webpage that Kyosho have shipped their final batch of MR02EX's. There will be no 02's from here on out. Bummer. Get 'em while they're hot.

2013.05.08, 10:39 AM
Lastly, the board has a strange 'rx : revision 03' stamped to the bottom of the board. Would be interesting to know if the earlier EX's had the same thing or another revision, possibly 'rev: 02' or 'rev:01'?

Interesting indeed! Thanks for the really good pics! :)

2013.06.02, 10:04 AM
Today at our Sydney shop we sold an MR02EX set to a gentleman who requested a go on our track. It was the red Ferrari FXX....

As many of you have read from my post above, I bought an EX set with the blue calsonic gt-r35. It had no reverse delay. For all purposes reverse was instant.

And I had a go of Frank's red fxx he bought from an EX set over a year ago. This one had the reverse delay out of the box.

Now I had a chance to try out a new fxx, from a newer EX set we received with our last order, one that happened to have the exact same body as frank's one which came as the norm in many EX sets from 2011. And guess what....

Reverse delay.

This has left me baffled. If I were you, I'd pick up later EX sets that came out late 2012-2013 like the blue Calsonic GT-R35 and Epson HSV sets. These probably don't have the reverse delay although don't quote me on that. No, I did not catch the fxx's manufacture date in this case, nor was I able to take a pic of the mainboard (it was, after all, the customer's car).

Jury's still out on the remaining EX sets - the red Xanavi gtr-35, green aston martin dbr9 and orange murcielago. I hope reverse is instant :confused:

2013.06.09, 11:01 AM
A member of our Sydney club who bought the early production MR02EX which came with an orange Murcielago had reverse lag, while another customer who bought the green Aston Martin DBR9 reported instant reverse. So i guess the orange murcielagos had at least some reverse-lag boards in them....