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2013.02.09, 12:48 AM

Need some advise here.

I just started driving the MR02 and now have the throttle to 100%, the problem is when I slow down the car before taking the corner, it misbehaves! Let me try to explain what it does...the steering responds like there is too much of it suddenly, so it over steers and the back loses traction and side slips.

So, from what I have read here, the possible solutions is to prevent too much weight shift to the front when I'm braking and turning at the same time. So to achieve this,

1. Harder suspension springs in the front
2. Harder T plate

Let me know if the above 2 options are in order or are there other means.

I'm currently running bone stock, except that I recently added bearings.

Thanks in advance.


2013.02.11, 10:51 AM
Although I didn't receive any comments for my post, I'd like to thank those who have contributed to this forum with a wealth of information.

I found my answer after reading some threads in the setup and FAQ sections.

I increased the stiffness by using white springs and changed the front tires to Kyosho's radial 30degs tires to get my MR02's steering to respond better.

Thanks again.


2013.02.11, 06:57 PM
nice to hear you sorted things out… what part of malaysia are you from? there are a couple of guys on the forums who are also from malaysia…

2013.02.11, 09:26 PM
I'm from Shah Alam, about 30km from Kuala Lumpur...just started getting acquainted with these 1:28 scale beasties!

BTW, I enjoyed reading about your visit to Atomic Collective.


2013.02.12, 11:05 AM
To make things a lot better at the rear end, a new pair of Atomic V Pattern 20 deg tires and a homemade lexan wing were added.




2013.02.13, 03:53 AM
glad you enjoyed my article… try to drop by when you're there... funny your pics doesn't show up... how is the miniz scene in shah alam? any track?

2013.02.13, 11:20 AM
I fixed the link to the pictures, sorry about that.

There is a new track in Subang, Summit shopping mall, 20mins drive from where I live, about 4 months in operations, made from 1 meter square rubber mat, traction is in the low-medium region. Most of the guys there run 60T motors, track size is approximately 8m x 6m, will upload pictures soon.

Track shop sells Firelap / Iwaver stuff along with PN/Atomic/Kyosho parts.

Yes, I definitely plan to drop by Atomic Collective when I go do to SG, most likely early March.


2013.02.14, 01:37 AM
nice looking mclaren... is it a firelap or iwaver? will wait for track pics...

2013.02.14, 02:45 AM
It's a Firelap 02...will upload track pictures this weekend.


2013.02.14, 10:13 AM
great will be waiting for the pics… try to put it in a new thread with a new heading... :D