View Full Version : How to advance timing on Atomic Stock R motor ?

2013.02.11, 02:19 PM
I just mounted Atomic Stock R evolution, Réf MO-006.
When the car stops, sometimes cannot go forward/back.
How to advance timing on this motor ?
I cannot found a setting manual.
Can you help ? Thanks

2013.02.11, 03:37 PM
which car in? how long of run get before stops? has your board been fetted?

2013.02.11, 04:41 PM
Chassis MR03.
Standard serial FET 2x2 3010.
Ratio 10x43.
When I stop the car normally, usually can restart and continue the race.
When car stopped by the hit to barrier or hit by another car, very often my car stops and cannot go forward/back.
Necessary to push it slightly by hand and than the car restarts normally.
With other motors goes well, after this troubles I changed back to ATM Standard, the car goes without any problems.
I think it is caused by strong neodyme magnets Atomic Stock R.

2013.02.11, 05:31 PM
check the bushing on the motor can. i have had the same problem with this motor many times, I've gone through a few of these motors before finding that the bushings "fail" and the shaft gets wedged leaving the motor useless. i have given up on this motor and switched to the "ASF SPEC" motor. I also believe the Stock R has been discontinued.

2013.02.11, 05:58 PM
Wouldn't think magnets be cause, board can handle motor so thats not issue :) how old is motor? for you to push it to operate again sounds like brushes could be worn and comm dirty, pop out brushes to inspect their condition at sametime check the comm(if not shiny brass colored it needs cleaning)