View Full Version : Lemans style endurance race- your feedback wanted!

2013.02.12, 01:28 PM
Our last team endurance race was a blast and I think it's time to do something like that but with some twists.

I'm proposing we follow the same format as last time but 2 classes this time around.

Proposed Classes:
1st class (slower class): cars from our Club Racing 90mm 80turn NiMH racing, but can run any 90mm body now. Must stick to 90mm, 80 turn and NiMH though.

2nd class (faster class): cars from our open touring club racing. Would prefer if GT type bodies or even Lemans type bodies are used. Must use rubber tires; can use brushless, Li-Fe, etc...

Proposed Format:
3- 5 min qualifiers (heats contain max 8 drivers each) for each class.

1- 30/60 min main containing all drivers (no limit) and all classes.

Thoughts my brothers?

2013.02.12, 03:34 PM
i would love to see video :p will look like mini-z p****** :eek:

2013.02.20, 01:27 PM
I'm proposing Saturday March 23rd as a potential date