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2013.02.12, 02:37 PM
available 1/14

36270BL Radio Skins Decal (Blue/for KT-18)
36270R Radio Skins Decal (Red/for KT-18)
36270Y Radio Skins Decal (Yellow/for KT-18)
MCB002ADR Main Cowling Set (DUCATI)
MCB002BDR Body Parts Set (DUCATI)
MCB002CDR Fender Parts Set (DUCATI)
MCN002D White body Set (DUCATI/no painting)
MDW026-01 Aluminum Motor Holder Set 2 (MINI-Z AWD)
MDW026-02 Aluminum Motor Holder Set 2 (MINI-Z AWD)

2013.02.12, 02:39 PM
arriving 2/25 (estimate from kyosho usa)

MZ501 Main Chassis Set (for MR-03/VE)
MZ502 Upper cover Set (for MR-03/VE)
MZ503 R/C Unit set (MR-03VE/RA-27)
MZN145-2 Front Body Mount (CITROEN DS3 WRC)
MZN147-2 Front Body Mount (LOTUS EXIGE)
MZN148-2 Front Body Mount (Ferrari 458 GT2)
MZN148 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 White Body Set
MZN147 LOTUS EXIGE White Body Set
MZN145 CITROEN DS3 WRC White Body set

2013.03.01, 12:41 PM
available 3/1/2013

32718MB-B MR-03N-RM SUBARU BRZ metallic blue (BODY AND CHASSIS)
MZP137MB-B SUBARU BRZ metallic blue (BODY ONLY)

2013.04.10, 12:47 PM
arriving 4/24 (estimate from kyosho usa)

MZ504 Brushless Motor (Xspeed VE)
MZN150 SUBARU BRZ White Body set

2013.04.19, 03:40 PM
Now Available!!
In stock and ready to ship (to retailers)

MZ504 Brushless Motor (Xspeed VE)
MZN150 SUBARU BRZ White Body set
MBW033 Under Guard & Ball stud wrench (Mini-Z Buggy)
MCW004 Training Guide Roller (Moto Racer)
MZH130G Multi Offset Wheel Set (Gray/MR-015/02/03)
DNT002-30 Slick Tire (FA/#30/2Pcs/dNaNo)

2013.04.25, 06:11 PM
ok, no one else see the new post on kyoshosan? 50th anniv. mr-03 VE! if that gets you excited. what little was posted simply states an improved brushless motor (why do that when the stock is just now hitting the stores?) and a red ball diff (could be extended run from red chassis kit?).

without knowing what the deal with the motor is, i'd say it's a bit of a dud. the premium price will get you an unknown motor and red ball diff instead of the normal one the VE kit comes with (blue or black, anyone know?).

2013.04.25, 07:24 PM
I got to drive a brushless mr03. I'm not sure why anyone would actually buy the stock motor. It is painful to drive because the motor has no punch, no drag brake, and isn't very fast. I would recommend anyone looking to buy the stock brushless motor to hold off and wait for PN and Atomic to release their motors.

2013.04.26, 10:19 AM
New Products coming out (http://kyoshosan.blogspot.ca/2013/04/extra-extra-kyosho-new-products-for.html)

2013.04.26, 11:36 AM
I expect the brushless motor to be the same wind/kv and that they have just improved the wire type to something that doesn't break so easily and is hopefully a little more flexible.

2013.04.26, 07:41 PM
Nice white 458! Also looks like a special 50th anniversary done up R8.

2013.05.18, 01:48 PM
Now Available!!

MCW005 Aluminum Front Suspension (for MC-01)
MBW030 Stabilizer Set (for MB-010)

2013.06.04, 06:14 AM
Now Available (restock)

30280B Mini-Z Overland MV-01 Chassis Set ASF2.4GHz
note: includes RA-18M PCB

2013.06.11, 01:38 PM
Now Available!!

MZP420KR-B MA-015 DWS CITROEN DS3 WRC 2011 ICE1Racing No. 8 Kimi Raikkonen
MZP25WY-B Corvette C5-R 2000 Lemans
MZP323T-B LM MAZDA 787B Test Car
MZX303EU-B ESSO Ultraflo Supra
MZX322PR-B Porsche 962 C LH No.1

2013.06.27, 07:55 PM
Kyosho is expecting a shipment 7/20/13

32740B Mini-Z MR-03 Chassis & TX Set
32761B MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE 50th Anniversary Edition
MZP221W-B Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 White Version (body only)
MZP419CS-B Audi R8 LMS Polished Aluminum (50th Anniversary)

no one is going to buy the 50th edition chassis at the price they set. :mad:

2013.06.27, 08:37 PM
I want a shiny chrome R8.

2013.06.27, 09:13 PM

2013.06.27, 10:56 PM
Can't wait for the R8 !!!
My 50th VE should be here tuesday.

2013.06.29, 03:20 AM
the chrome r8 will be on the wishlist for a lot of fans:D

2013.07.08, 04:07 PM
Now Available!!

32761B MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE 50th Anniversary Edition
32821W-B MR-03W-MM Ferrari 458 GT2 White Version (body and chassis)
MZP221W-B Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 White Version (body only)

2013.07.08, 10:08 PM
holy crap, you gotta really want the 50th anniversary car to pay that kind of pricing.

2013.07.08, 10:14 PM
The way Kyosho is going with all there prices is getting out of hand. Granted I understand the driving forces behind it but at some point it's got to get to a breaking point.

2013.07.09, 06:27 AM
absolutely hysterical what they are suggesting the market price should be (MSRP). absolutely detached from reality, bonkers, delusional, etc., etc. the pricing of VE kits are beyond the breaking point in my opinion, but thats a discussion for another thread :rolleyes:

2013.07.09, 01:36 PM
Has anyone seen any prices advertised for the 50th anniversary chrome R8?

2013.07.09, 01:40 PM
same price as new autoscales.

2013.08.14, 12:35 PM
Now Available

32740B Mini-Z MR-03 Chassis & TX Set
MZW118R Mini-Z SP Tool Set Red

32251BCN-B Comic Racer SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI NBR CHALLENGE 2010 (body and chassis)
32251N-B Comic Racer ReadySet SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI NBR CHALLENGE 2010 (radio included)

2013.08.21, 06:31 PM
RC.P.Sanda is reporting on a new MA-020? anyone find any details?

also being reported is a VE conversion set.

also, anyone understand what is being said about the sports minute mR-03 with KT-19 tx?

2013.08.21, 07:27 PM
Now Available

MZW118R Mini-Z SP Tool Set Red

Does this set have everything needed to work on ALL Mini-z chassis types?

2013.08.21, 07:53 PM
Does this set have everything needed to work on ALL Mini-z chassis types?

not really. i have the black color set.
i do not use the following; h3.5 box wrench, H5.5 box wrench, #1 philips screw driver, 1.5mm hex head screw driver.

i do use the following; flat head screw driver, #0 philips screw driver, h4.5 box wrench. the #0 philips slips less than my PN and atomic philips. the h4.5 box wrench also has a hand seat inside that keeps nuts from getting pushed so far inside you have to dig them out if they get stuck. it just works very well.

in reality, the atomic multi toll is the ultimate however just can't get them anymore. the one wrench gave you a great box head wrench end and the other end was a very good hex head wrench and so so philips head.

in my opinion, PN makes the best 1.5 and .9mm hex head wrenches for mini-z. the kyosho model isn't as precisely tooled and actually slips. the set just doesn't come with .9mm which is a very common head for mini-z grub screws, set screws, etc.

if you have an MR-03 VE, i highly recommend the kyosho dnano screw driver as you will need it for the screws on the servo cover. it's not cheap though.

i wish the kyosho set came with .9mm hex head instead of pointless h3.5 box wrench. i'm not sure what the h5.5 box head wrench is for. those are 2 i've never used.

one other criticism, the tool heads are held tight with yet another size set screw, which is not included in the set:confused: why on earth would they use a set screw that isn't adjustable with the tools in the kit?

2013.08.21, 10:07 PM
I think the Kyosho tool set is great if you get it for a good price.(25 bucks or less) I use both the #0 and #1 philips. The #0 is for the odd small screw used in a MiniZ, the #1 is what I use 95% of the time. As has been stated already Kyosho should have included a 0.9mm hex. I guess someone approached them and suggested they sell the set without actually customizing it.

The MA020 sounds very exciting, a new front end and brushless, with hopefully an updated servo would be a potential mr03 killer.

I see Kyosho will also be releasing a slower brushless motor, looks to be blue in color. With any luck it makes a good stock motor replacement and will offer insane run time.

2013.08.22, 06:24 AM
good point on the ECO brushless motor. this should address stock class racing when VE chassis takes over, it's only a matter of time really.

Black RX
2013.08.22, 08:32 AM
any information about when the MA-020 will be released ? :D

2013.08.22, 11:44 AM
I assume theirs a new AWD coming out?

2013.09.05, 07:11 PM
rc.p.sanda (http://rajitensanda.blog73.fc2.com/) has pictures up for the MA-020!

setup the 2.4GHz FHS discussion area (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=220).

Black RX
2013.09.11, 11:05 AM
so according to this pic at the bottom, Mni-Z MA-020 will be released at november.

is that true ?


2013.09.11, 12:59 PM
if that is what i says, it would seem so. if not a global release date, north american market is about 1 month behind.

be sure to credit sources for images ;)

Black RX
2013.09.12, 08:50 AM
if that is what i says, it would seem so. if not a global release date, north american market is about 1 month behind.

be sure to credit sources for images ;)

i took the pic from kyososan blog :)


2013.09.16, 03:25 PM
Available For Preorder!!
Expecting the first shipment to arrive around 10/20

32202W-B MINI-Z MR-03S Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Aero Version White Ready Set
32204W-B MINI-Z MR-03S Audi R8 LMS White Ready Set

2013.09.17, 12:41 PM
Now Available!!
MBB04 Clear Body Set (SUBARU Impreza WRX STI)
MBB04N Body Set (SUBARU Impreza WRX STI)
MBT004 Drift Tire Set (for Comic Racer)
MBW034 Front Joint Gear Set (for MB-010)
MBW035 Rear Joint Gear Set (for MB-010)

2013.09.17, 05:50 PM
Now Availabe!!
MBW036 Aluminum Oil Shock Set (4Pcs/MB-010)

2013.09.21, 09:46 AM
you can purchase this yourself in pieces (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39010) or wait for this upcoming kit..
anyone who wants to convert to VE specification MR-03 you already have, I kept waiting! ! Set of Conversion will be released.

2013.12.17, 01:33 PM
Now Available!!

32151MB-B MINI-Z AWD MA-020 +D Evo. BCS SUBARU BRZ Metallic Blue
32152SL-B MA-020 +D Evo. BCS Citroen DS3 WRC 2011 Sebastien Loeb
MD204 Front Suspension Shaft Set (for MA-020)

2013.12.17, 01:36 PM
Available for preorder!!
Expected 12/27

32151MB-B MINI-Z AWD MA-020 +D Evo. BCS SUBARU BRZ Metallic Blue (body and chassis)
32152SL-B MA-020 +D Evo. BCS Citroen DS3 WRC 2011 Sebastien Loeb (body and chassis)
32208MB-B MINI-Z MR-03S Lamborghini Murcirlago LP670-4 SV Matt Black Ready Set
32209S-B MINI-Z MR-03S NISSAN GT-R R35 Ultimate Metal Silver Ready Set
32215CR-B MINI-Z MR-03S Lamborghini Jota SVR Chrome Red 50th Anniversary Ready Set

got these two updates posted out of order. :rolleyes:

2013.12.18, 06:40 PM
Now Available!!

MZN152 MAZDA 787BWhite Body Set (Non Decoration)
MZW429 Light Unit set (for MINI-Z Racer Sports)
MZW500E Brushless Conversion Set (for MR-03/Eco)
MZW500N Brushless Conversion Set (for MR-03/Normal)