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2013.02.15, 08:03 PM
hi all! long time no type! lol jk :)

I finally settled for the GT86 shell after thinking about it after about 3 months...it looks great, but my car itself is not acting correctly.. after about a day or so it started to shake the wheels.. then i though oh! its just a glitchy servo error.. but not it does it with the engine and wheels sometimes it'll go full throttle,then sometimes its just shaking the wheels like crazy, sometimes its both.. I would greatly appreciate help on this subject..

Thanks alot,
Usp2333-silva,gt86! :)

2013.02.15, 08:22 PM
Common solutions:
- Rebind car and transmitter
- Check antenna wire for damage (sometimes loose wires hang and touch other chips on the board)
- Try a different motor (old motors will cause the car to act like a glitch)
- Clean servo pot

2013.02.15, 08:55 PM
the only thing is, is that I'm not using a 2.4 GHZ... I'm using the orig transmitter....
and if you would be so kind could you clarify on cleaning the steering servo? Because it's doing it not just with the steering,and also how to re-binding it? ne more thing I didn't mention in the original post is that it does this no matter the range..... (I've pressed in the crystal and tightened the antenna.

Thanks a lot.

2013.02.15, 10:13 PM
Wich radio using? try with a new pair crystals, rebind is related to 2.4ghz. Theres a thread a fellow member done too get best from am board (if can find thread i'll drop link) I had suffered glitching with my first Z switched radio that made a difference but steering still twitch randomly so added noise blocker caps onto servo motor worked a charm for bit but if to many electricial appliances around where running got interferance galore so went 2.4 been sweet ever since.


2013.02.16, 04:28 PM
Like i said.. it isn't a 2.4 GHZ transmitter... just the old crystal to crystal transmitter...

2013.02.16, 06:26 PM
please read the other members reponse more carefully