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2013.02.16, 10:44 PM
Hello. I am brand new to Mini Z. We have a track here in town. I drove a hopped up MR-03 and loved it. I bought a MR-01 to get started. My very first time on the track I let someone drive my car, without the body, and he crashed it. Now I have no steering and grinding noises from the servo. Please help! I love the Z, but can't afford a brand new car right now.

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2013.02.16, 11:59 PM
The servo gear is broken. You need someone on your track to open the servo gear and see what happen inside. Don't worry servo gear is not that expensive.

2013.02.17, 08:17 AM
never drive an mr-01 without a body. it has no servo saver in the servo gearbox.
it may not be easy finding parts for an mr-01. check the local shops, ebay and can always search here as well.

2013.02.17, 09:22 AM
What town?... what track?... anyone from there on here already? If it's a Z track, I'm sure someone there would be more than happy to help you out!

2013.02.17, 09:34 AM
Its not that hard of a fix,
They're just really tough because they are small parts
Becareful and Patient
Like Ed said ask someone at your track for help
You'll be back out there before you know it!

2013.02.17, 10:02 PM
Yea. I learned the hard way about the no body thing. I don't think anyone at that shop had ever even seen an MR-01. I live in Lancaster, CA. I am very happy to hear it is repairable. I have been doing a little reading, it sounds like the metal servo gears are what I need. Where can I order some?

2013.02.18, 03:41 AM
welcome to the forums...

yep you'll have to replace the servo gears...
with the onset of the mr02, mr015, awd, and mr03's... metal servo gears are hard to come by these days, because servo savers are already built into the newer chassis...

metal servo gears are the best (for mr01's that is) if you can still find them... otherwise, stock up on extra servo gears... i'm pretty sure that this is still available since the newer chassis still utilize this part... hope this helps...

2013.02.18, 08:29 AM
You really don't need metal, they're nice to have, but we still run
the plastic gears since we're on a tight budget
One thing you gotta watch out for is that they sometimes get Gunked up
but thats easily cleaned, Just need some patience and a razor to scrape out the gunk that builds up in the gear teeth

2013.02.18, 05:08 PM
Sounds like I need to start by disassembling the servo and seeing what's stripped. I'm prettysure it is mord than gummed up, based on the grinding sound and the fact that it failed directly after the crash.

http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.php/cPath/1_25_1460_1957/products_id/212212/n/Kyosho-Metal-Servo-Gear Is this what I am looking for?

2013.02.18, 07:13 PM
If the problem is what I think it is you're gonna need this if you can find them


Im not sure if the 01 is any close to the 02 or the 03 in the gearing
so maybe someone who is more familiar with the different servo gears
can shed some more light on the difference
Just keep in mind if the 01 is like the 02
There is a TINY washer in there that needs to go back where it started
otherwise your steering will never be the same again

2013.02.18, 07:17 PM
Hey one thing I just thoughgt of you may want to check before tearing apart the steering gears
Make sure the Tie Rod did not pop off of the (I think its called) Steering knuckle inside
If that happens everything will get jamed up and thats an easy fix, just pop
off the Tie Rod cover and see if what you have there
I think its just a snap on cover

2013.02.19, 12:16 AM
I bought a MR-01 to get started.

the mr01 steering servo gears doesn't need a tiny washer like the mr015/02... the steering case is held together by 4 screws...

as ka2aev mentions, this is what you need... i believe that they are the same servo gears that are used in the mr015/02

click here for mr01 exploded view (http://kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/pdf/miniz_t.pdf) to see how everything is put together

hope this helps... :D

2013.02.21, 04:25 PM
That is so very helpful! Thank you.

2013.02.21, 04:54 PM
Odds are you broke 1 tooth off of the first gear that goes into the tie-rod. I'm pretty sure of this because I have around 15 or so of these gears laying around from my MR01 days.

Careful tightening those screws back into that servo box, it can strip out real easy!