View Full Version : ucdinh - DO NOT PURCHASES!!!

2013.02.17, 09:14 PM
Made payment on 02/06/13 and was told the item would ship out the next day. Its now been 11 days and have not received anything or gotten any response to email or private messages. I have opened a paypal dispute. I'm out $95.

Do not Purchase from this deadbeat.

2013.02.17, 09:36 PM
I've contacted him about buying stuff a few times.
Never gotten to make a purchase, I sense hes not a motivated seller.

2013.02.17, 11:13 PM
Sent him a payment as well. I was going to wait another week to see if I'd get any form of communication from him (paypal lets you dispute up to 45 days from date of payment, right?)

Should I just dispute it now? I mean, normally it takes 2 weeks from the US to ship to Canada, but seeing that you guys are more local, maybe he flaked....

2013.02.18, 03:18 AM
I paid him on 2/3 for some items. He was supposed to get back to me on 2/3 about more but didn't. Then said he'd get back to me on 2/4, but didn't. Then again on 2/6 but didn't and I haven't heard from him since, despite numerous efforts to contact him through various channels.

I opened a dispute with PayPal two days ago and guess it's time to escalate to a claim! Very disappointed :(

2013.02.18, 11:27 AM
Glad I read this thread before sending money for his current for sale thread.

He owns, or works for, a mini race shop in CA called Fast Pace Racing. Maybe you guys should visit the website, get the phone number, and call there?

2013.02.18, 11:34 AM
^ FPR has been closed since November of 2012. He no longer owns the store.

2013.02.18, 03:38 PM
What did you guys buy? That way if he's selling the same stuff to all of us, we know for sure that he's a fraud.

I bought the two overland trucks.

2013.02.18, 08:32 PM
Funny, he is still listing the Overland trucks for sale.

Hey MODERATORS, how about deleting his for sale thread, huh???

2013.02.18, 11:42 PM
got invoiced for the Au Cerumo, a benz overland whitebody and another autoscale he didnt put photos up of (was in his photobucket)

2013.02.19, 01:34 AM
I want buy his Silvia's aerokits and body, but he stopped respond on my letters. I didn't send him money, but I was really disappointed that he didn't reply me. I thought that he sold aerokits and didn't want tell me about. But... as we see he is adventurer. Hope I'm mistake and he will send you guys all your stuff.

2013.02.19, 03:42 AM
Before we get too heated up in this thread, there isn't much that the moderators can do in this situation aside from attempting to contact the seller and bugging them to respond. It's possible there's a technical problem or emergency keeping him from getting your contacts, I've had that happen to me a couple times and would rather not burn someone at the stake prematurely. Stay calm and give him a little more time, paypal does give you 45 days to work with so it's not intensity time quite yet.

2013.02.19, 06:51 AM
Please read the marketplace rules (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24311).

Mini-zracer.com, its administrators, and moderators are not responsible for any interactions that take place on this site.

Mini-zracer.com will not be responsible for dispute resolution however, if a problem arises we will do our best in resolving that problem or partaking in a reasonable solution or agreement. Please take the time to create a proper for sale, for trade, thread to avoid any action on your thread or account. We have provided Marketplace Tools offering methods to help both buyer and seller complete successful transactions. Please take the time to read this information and PLEASE take all necessary and reasonable means to protect yourself as buyer and seller.

as Brian suggests, we do not jump the gun on anything and if this proves true over a reasonable course of time this member will be banned from the marketplace permanently. again, this is all in the rules.

PLEASE take all necessary and reasonable means to protect yourself as buyer and seller.

Everyone deserves the benefit of a reasonable grace period, sh*% does happen on occasion. The duration of patience and grace is often dictated by payment protections offered by your means of payment. Please use those to the fullest extent possible at all times. Never accept waiting past the deadline for payment protection procedures unless your relationship with that person is worth more than the money.

2013.02.23, 10:51 AM
Paypal ruled in my favor and returned my money. I hope the rest of you are as lucky.

Moderators, please ban him from selling and delete his post so no one else has to go through this with him.

Thank you.

2013.02.23, 11:19 AM
I too was lucky enough to get my money back from PayPal, and the seller never bothered to respond to the dispute or claim as he is entitled to. This entire experience has left me very sour, especially since the counter party was previously a reputable member of these forums.

I'm glad to see his FS thread is gone, and I don't believe in burning people at the stake or jumping the gun, but in this case I feel banning this user from future selling in the market place is the appropriate course of action. I'll be glad to supply any Moderator with a chronology of my communications with this seller so you can judge for yourself if need be.

2013.02.27, 01:00 PM
ucdinh was still actively posting on his FB page throughout all this, so he seems to have not been in any distress or issues preventing him from finishing any of his sales.

2013.02.27, 01:16 PM
If you look at the marketplace ban list, you'll see he has been added. I would have preferred a completed transaction to this outcome, but this is all that can be done here.