View Full Version : F1 built in camber?...

2013.02.19, 08:48 PM
So I've been doing a bit of measuring lately :rolleyes: and I've come to find something pretty interesting about our beloved F1 chassis.

Apparently not all F1 chassis are born equal! I have 2 brand new chassis' for both of my F1s and the kingpins on the black plastic chassis are nearly dead-on set in a zero camber position while my grey/gold terminal chassis has I'd say somewhere around a full degree (half on both sides) of postitive camber built-in to the kingpin positions.

Whether or not anyone has noticed this before has escaped me. Whether or not this is just something that is a fluke due to how the grey chassis may have been stored until it made it's way to me is another question too.

Anyone else ever deal with this before? Suddenly many issues I have with how the F1s take a corner are starting to make a bit more sense to me. I know that this issue may be a non-issue (if that makes sense) by how all of the fitments of all the parts after the kingpin may correct this extra camber but I'm starting to think that there could be a solution.

For now, I've done the heat-pressure-physical force method to correct it on my grey chassis, I'll update as soon as I get to drive it and see if I screwed it up or made it better. I just figured I'd get this up here a while.