View Full Version : Endurance Race March 30th

2013.02.22, 10:08 AM
Our last team endurance race was a blast and it's time to do something like that again but with some twists.

The format:

2 Classes:
1st class (slower class): cars from our Club Racing 90mm 80turn NiMH racing, but can run any 90mm body now. Must stick to 90mm, 80 turn and NiMH though.

2nd class (faster class): cars from our open touring club racing. Would prefer if GT type bodies or even Lemans type bodies are used. Must use rubber tires; can use brushless, Li-Fe, etc...


1- 15 min qualifier for each class using your fastest 3 laps.


1- 120 min main (2 hours) containing all drivers (no limit) and all classes.

There will be no marshals for the mains.

You can run the event as a team but must use the exact same car. This approach can be advantageous as your team mate can be your marshall during the race.

All driver changes must use the pit on/off area. All battery changes must be done at your pit table using the pit on/off area.

2013.02.22, 12:37 PM
please record this event, i would love to see mixed class mini-z racing :p