View Full Version : New Mp9 Kanai

2013.02.24, 06:50 PM
Hello all, I just got a new mp9 mini z Kanai ed. This thing is really cool but what upgrades are available? I have seen the stuff from atomic and they are all nice upgrades but I want to know about pure performance upgrades. FET stacking, lithium ion install etc. you know the "go fast" hopups. Thanks in advance.


2013.02.25, 12:47 AM
To get the semantics right, you're just looking for power. ;) Mini-Z "official" (aka safe) power upgrades include a LiFe battery kit, which will up your voltage to 6.6V without stretching the board's capabilities (which 7.2V apparently does). FETs are FETs, the top 3 are 4562, 8858 and AN0113 as far as I recall and that's all I ever see nowadays. Once you have all the FETs upgraded you could think about motors like the Atomic Chili or PN 33t, which will pretty much make the car uncontrollably fast on 7.2V.

At that point, you're going to give those suspension/chassis upgrades a second look for sure.

2013.02.25, 06:44 AM
Oh Yeah! thats what I want...an uncontrollable buggy. And I agree with the susp and chassis upgrades. does anyone know if the Lipo batterykit from atomicmods will fit in the buggy? I am pretty new to all the upgrading part so bare with me and thanks for the info.......PG