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2013.02.27, 07:26 AM
Little disclaimer first:

I am in NO way endorsing this company or their products and CANNOT/WILL NOT attest to any information as being factual or true, however I got the following email and thought the Mini-Z community might find it interesting. Note that I also followed up with them and got some pricing information which I'll add below:

"GOGOLAP is a Specialist company product design for Micro RC Vehicles.
Iím happy to present our new Gyro Unit and Car body for the Mini-Z. It have finest quality and pass through the serious quality control production."

See attached pics of body (Nissan 350Z GT) and Gyro.

Retail prices:

Model GBS0001- Lightweight non-painted body for Mini-Z (LZ500): USD 22.3

Model GP001- Mini-Z Pro-Grade Gyro Unit set: USD 21.0

Their email: gogolaprc@gmail.com

2013.02.27, 08:16 PM
cool body any lexan windows that could fit it?