View Full Version : VE Chassis cover coming soon?

2013.02.28, 02:37 AM

As the top plate of the VE chassis differs from the standard 03, I am curious if there is already a plan to release something similar to the 03 hop-up also for the VE.

This has a simple reason: I want to insall the IAS front on the VE and I am reluctant to adapting the Kyosho top cover ( and therefore making it unusable if switched back to a standard front ).

2013.03.06, 04:15 AM
The part number of the standard 03 is MR3-017-xxx. Please Atomic, provide a cover like that for the VE.

2013.03.06, 06:04 AM
MZ 502
Hacked mine up to installed PN D-A.Arm so always can be replace.
Kyosho America will get it in someday.

2013.03.06, 10:25 PM
If you make a mistake with your top cover, Inside Line Racing (mini-z shop) in Cupertino, CA carries it in stock. Give them a call and they can possibly ship one out to you.


2013.03.07, 10:38 AM
Thanks. This part can be an option. But I need to find that part being available somewhere in Asia or Europe as shipping from the US to Europe is always way more expensive than from everywhere else. Unfortunatley it is also slower most times, too.