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2013.02.28, 10:15 AM
Hey guy,

This is my first board done after reading the many post/links/video from this forum.

It's the controller board of the Firelap MR02 done using reflow technique, I have done conventional soldering in the past, but not SMD work. After some research, went out and got the Atten 8586 rework station n some solder paste. The stack's pins are also done using reflow.




2013.02.28, 07:05 PM
Is this a 2.4gzh? How is it?

2013.02.28, 07:14 PM
Yes, it's 2.4G....there are some intermitten glitching problems when the 8cell Firelap TX's are used, it's tolerable for now as we are just bashing.

We have reported this to the factory, the info back to us is that they might not fix the board but are coming up with a new version, yet to be confirmed.

There is also the standard steering pot issue, one side of the pot is open but is backed against the plates that holds the gears, needs clean up.