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2013.02.28, 04:35 PM
I have been playing around with a new toy, a micro ~1:64 scale RC car that is operated via bluetooth on your iOS or android device.
The Zen Wheels from plantraco.

To make sure plantraco keeps developing the product line and adds more features to the apps, I want to see these catch on, and for that to happen, everyone needs to know that while they are the same size as the cheap 1:64 BitCharG cars from a few years ago, they are far better. And if people could pay $60 or more for some of the "official" Bit Cars back in the day, the $89.00 price tag on these is not that bad at all for a car with, fully proportional steering and throttle, and includes a lot of extra features like; end point, expo, lights, horn, lipo battery, and even a built in lap counter!

The steering on the Zen Wheels is almost instant, much better then
the slow steering on the the VERY hard to find 2.4ghz MetlTech racers, that have sold for well over $250.

Unlike some of the diecast micro rc cars that came out lately that just go at a rediculous uncontrollable speed, the Zen Wheels can slow down to a crawl, yet still run fast enough to race.

The primary, full featured app is on the apple iOS devices, and they just released the first version of the Android app last night.

Check their website for more info, videos, and to order one! (They ship from Canada)

2013.03.04, 08:34 PM

2013.03.04, 09:50 PM
hi drac... nice to see you post, been a long time... nice find... proportional steering and throttle... pretty cool...
i might have missed it... but how many cars can race together? would love to race my brother on a table track...

2013.03.04, 11:13 PM
They are bluetooth, so hundreds can function in the same room together. Whatever the current number of bluetooth items is...

The only thing I really wish they had was interaction between each cars lap counter. Right now each car just records its lap times, thats it, there is no race organization, and they do not plan on paying the programers 100$/hr to implement it. So maybe a 3rd party app will come out that is better then the manufacturuers, like what happen with the AR Drone.

I have been working on making a track for them, out of a table that I am repurposing; which was supose to be a slot car track experiment that I went bigger with.