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2013.03.03, 03:10 PM
Couple of questions.

To increase rear grip, can adding weight to the motormount help? Or is it best to keep it as light as possible?

I see lots of cars lifting one rear wheel sometimes, and some are adding weight on the motorpod since in theory it will help keep the rear tires down on the track. Is this true?

Manufacturers struggle to make the motormounts as light as possible, and then people weigh them down.
12'th scale pan cars are also with light weight pods, but I dont know if people are adding weight on them.


2013.03.03, 03:16 PM
when the motorpod is light. it gives you the option to add weight.
if its heavy you cant adjust anything.

there are lots of people adding weight
i dont yet.

2013.03.04, 03:25 AM
wow... funny you should bring this up...

here's my mr01 taken way back in 2001... :D
why not trying them yourself? i used double sided tape and tamiya 4wd weights in the pics below... that way you can take them off if you feel you don't need them...

chassis being used with the vitz body (left)

taken from this thread ===> lead weights (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91&highlight=adding+lead+weights)

2013.03.04, 03:35 AM
here's another related thread...
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2013.03.04, 12:06 PM
I have tried, but am not able to conclude. I think it rotates more off power but not sure.
The inner wheel lifting is something I never experienced on MR-02's before. Only on the MR-03, and people tell me it will help but I dont think it really does.

Anyone else? What are the pro's doing?

2013.03.04, 12:26 PM
Sometimes my car would drive on two wheels through corners when I used a pn 4 silver tplate and a 33 turn motor. I think a lot of power and soft suspension is what causes the wheels to lift. I haven't had this issue when using stiffer tplates.

2013.03.04, 01:30 PM
If your rear tire is coming off the ground to the point you start hearing your RPMs jumping on exit...

Your car is tweaked.

There is a bind or an interference somewhere.

Your H/T-plate is too hard.

Adding weight may help but it's not going to fix the root cause. If anything, the car should lift fairly evenly front to back if it starts to go airborne. If not I'd say the setup isn't where it needs to be.

Pretty general statements here, I know... all I can say is I had the same theory when I first started racing these cars and it didn't help. Don't get me wrong though... weight displacement can help a cars handling bigtime, but I'm pretty sure that adding won't help that situation.

2013.03.04, 01:50 PM
we mostly run Li-Fe at the track and use the R246 Chassis weights (blue/silver ones) which fit into the bottom of the chassis where AAA normally go into. When I ran my awesome "all PN" car, which used AAA, I cut strips of the Kyosho weight tape to go under the chassis in the little v areas (inbetween the cells).

Anyway, just a suggestion if you wanted to do something other than add weight to the pod. Note that some of us do add weights to one side of the pod (usually to the bottom of a reflex or atomic motor pod diffuser) to balance the car out a little.