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2013.03.03, 11:01 PM
Dug out my old MR-01 and the radio isn't working this time and I'm tired of messing with it. It was problems from the start. The range got worse and worse before I started to try any changes to the antenna with no luck.

Anyways, I want to get it rolling again. Is there a cheap swap I can do for the radio?

I'm not very informed with what is out there for these anymore. I've read through the forum but seems everyone has left the MR-01 in the dust.

I love what I have and not interested in getting rid of it or buying a newer one. I just want to get what I have going again with less frustration than the old radio.

There seems to be so many inexpensive 2.4gig toy radios out there these days, you would think something out there is a perfect donor for something like this.

Hoping someone more familiar with the forum will post a link where this has already been covered.

2013.03.04, 06:41 AM
find someone with old AM kt-2/kt-5 transmitters to give one away. you can't sell them anymore and i know there are plenty of people with them, likely a box of them... there is no real value to them anymore so i would think as long as your willing to pay shipping, someone will give you one. i gave all my old AM stuff away about a year ago.

for what it's worth, i never had good results with the kyosho internal antenna. i got better results with coiled cat5 strand.

2013.03.04, 09:34 AM
try using the old antenna... and agree with arch... since lots of guys migrated to the 2.4ghz, you can get an AM radio for close to nothing if you ask nicely... good luck

2013.03.06, 07:09 PM
Thanks guys. I think I'll try and start out again with fresh dry cell batteries, not my old rechargables from radio shack and the stock antenna. Me being in an aluminum sided home might be a factor?

2013.03.06, 11:46 PM
maybe aluminum walls can be a factor, so as the batteries... do you stay near a track? guys at the track may help… good luck

2013.03.07, 10:04 AM
I would also tell you to just go back to the original antenna, and make sure it is bent up so that it has clearance above your rear shock mounting plate. Also, maybe try another set of frequency crystals. And yes, I used to race in a spot with an aluminum garage door right aside the track and it did make an already glitchy car a bit glitchier. Just stand closer to the area where your car is acting up.

2013.03.07, 10:52 AM
very nice chassis ;)
I found this thread ultra helpful when was running am

2013.03.10, 11:12 AM
Thanks guys for your suggestions. I've been trying things out. Looks like the only problem now might be my walls but it isnt bad.

I did notice this time my steering trim has to be turned all the way over for straight tracking. The car is put together right, all stock parts basically. I'm wondering if I moved a centering pot with my fingers as I was handling the radio tray when I changed chassis.

2013.03.10, 11:35 AM
On the older ESCs, there was a little silver dial on the top front of the board in the car. There should be a little hole on the plastic top cover under the Perfex/Kyosho sticker to get access to it. Turn on your radio, set the trim on the radio to center. Then turn on the car and get something small and pointy in there to turn the little silver dial. It's a bit delicate, but there are four little gaps in that tiny metal dial and you can usually get someting in there to give it a gentle spin. If it starts moving, you'll see the wheels start to move... just spin that little dial until your front wheels are straight, then use the radio dial for the finer tuning. You shouldn't have to turn it much to start seeing the wheels react.