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2013.03.04, 08:26 PM
Whats the favorite for adjustable motor pod? Still the pn? I'm like my r8 but i also run ferrari 360 94mm. Any suggestions? I tried the seach but nothing came up current. Thanks. John

2013.03.04, 08:36 PM
Do you think the way your motor mount affects the way your car handles with the R8 shell and would you like to reproduce the way it handles with the 360?


1. Find a motor pod that can mimic the 98mm motor position.
2. Grind out the wheel wells of the 360 to fit your wb right now thereby using the chassis as is.

2013.03.04, 09:10 PM
Here are the pods I run on RCP type track.

Stock class
Reflex 94mm w/ SC430 body

Mod class
Atomic 98mm w/ Ferrari 599xx body

2013.03.04, 09:29 PM
I actaully own the atomic 98 pod already. My other is a 94 pn pod. I run on a rcp mini 96 w-expansion. I find the 94mm car is great for the tight turns. Unfortunately-all my favorite bodies are 98. R8, 599xx, lambo sv. I was hoping to get the best of both worlds. I was thinking running at 94 and 97 on the pn mount and selling off the other 2 mounts. I'm turning my other car into a 90mm. I have th pn 90-94 mount. But I cant run a shock.its to tall to fit under the 360.

2013.03.04, 09:56 PM
Either PN multi pod works great. The carbon/aluminum or the all aluminum. I have both and like both. Probably go with the all aluminum multi pod.

unearthed name
2013.03.04, 10:02 PM
reflex racing motor pod are also great. you can put diffusor there, and go from 94-102.


you need to change t-plate placement, and buy additional t-plate if you want to go to 96 mm and more.

2013.03.05, 07:15 AM
I didn't know reflex made a multi pod. I have to look for that.

2013.03.05, 10:02 AM
The Reflex 945 mtormount is a real good mount.
With regular T-bar you have 94, 95, 98, 99mm wheelbase options.

With a 96mm T-bar you get 96, 97, 100, 101mm wheelbase.

2013.03.05, 11:06 AM
I typically use either the Reflex pod for 94 and the LCG v4 for 98. I've had issues bending and otherwise tweak with the v3 and reconfigurable motor pods.

Edit: mixed the two up, really don't have the mind for mini-z lately.

2013.03.05, 05:48 PM
I tried almost all brands of motor mount including Kyosho, PN Racing, 3Racing, GPM, Reflex and Atomic.
So far, I really like the look and performance on PN and Reflex Motor Mount.
But at the end of the day I use PN Motor Mount the most.
No cutting Chassis tabs, motor positions makes it easier to solder the motor wires.

for 94mm:
PN Racing Mini-Z 94-98mm V3 LCG

and for 98mm:
PN Racing Mini-Z MR02/03 98-102mm V4 LCG

2013.03.06, 07:33 AM
Wow! Thanksfor the speedy responses and all the tips