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2013.03.06, 10:17 AM
this is for the formula 1 fans out there. the Formula 1 season starts this month with the first race coming up on March 17th. Get you DVR's Ready.

A note for all those in the the US, F1 broadcasting rights were sold last year to NBC. The races be show almost exclusively on the NBC Sports Network. You might want to check with you TV provided to make sure you have this channel. :) On direct TV it's Channel 220.

Also note that the team will be mostly the same, NBC Sports Group is keeping the Formula One gang together. Will Buxton will serve as pit reporter. He will join his former Speed TV colleagues Leigh Diffey (play-by-play), David Hobbs (analyst) and Steve Matchett (analyst), who joined NBC Sports Group in November.

Here is the race schedule that I could find.

2013 Formula One Schedule

1. Mar 17, Australian Grand Prix
2. Mar 24, Malaysia Grand Pri
3. Apr 14, Chinese Grand Prix
4. Apr 21, Bahrain Grand Prix
5. May 12, Spanish Grand Prix
6. May 26, Monaco Grand Prix
7. Jun 9, Canadian Grand Prix
8. Jun 30, British Grand Prix
9. Jul 7, German Grand Prix
10. Jul 28, Hungarian Grand Prix
11. Aug 25, Belgian Grand Prix
12. Sept 8, Italian Grand Prix
13. Sept 22, Singapore Grand Prix
14. Oct 6, Korean Grand Prix
15. Oct 13, Japanese Grand Prix
16. Oct 27, Indian Grand Prix
17. Nov 3, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
18. Nov 17, United States Grand Prix
19. Nov 24, Brazilian Grand Prix

2013.03.06, 10:43 AM
gota remember this

2013.03.06, 10:48 AM
10 days to go and I'm drooling already:

1. Massa and Alonso both say Ferrari is 200% better than the pre seaosn car they had last year.
2. Sauber have shown excellent pre seaon pace and reliability.
3. Lotus look very strong yet had trouble with tire deg on long runs.
4. Mercedes have shown vast improvement over last years pace (even with the golden tool Hamilton:rolleyes:)

Shaping up to be a very exciting year....lets just hope these teams have something to fight Adrian Newey's chassis and ability to not get caught cheating.:D

2013.03.06, 12:24 PM
Totally ready for the season to start! I generally watch the world feed via TSN in Canada but will also check out the NBC coverage. The SpeedTV guys tended to be entertaining but they rarely knew exactly what was going on.

Will still be pulling for Hamilton even though it's hard as I'm a McLaren fan.

2013.03.08, 02:51 PM
Oh yeahhh.
8 days. 9 hours. 9 minutes. 32 seconds until the first race start.

2013.03.08, 03:26 PM
Nice that it finaly starts for this year.

2013.03.17, 02:47 AM
I'd have preferred a totally dry qualifying but what a great first race!
The Iceman had a great cruise, Redbull will be analyzing this race late into the night to figure out what went wrong.

2013.03.17, 12:07 PM
1. Tire deg was a real factor in redbull's race but Vettel sure timed his pit strategy well
2. Super stoked about Ferrari and their start this season
3. If McLaren don't go back to their old car they are going to regret it.
4. As Kimi climbs the podium you can lip read "it was easy"...looks a new contender for the top three?
5. I think when Hamilton moved to Mercedes someone said "now stop driving like a spoiled brat" because he was much more fair about racing space passing and being passed than ive ever seen.

Good start...see you in 4 days for Malaysia! (Btw for Canadian fans TSN is now showing practice session 2)

2013.03.22, 09:39 AM
Free practice from Malaysia done:

1.Kimi P1 for both sessions
2.Ferraris look fast as well with Massa looking a bit more balanced on turn in
3. RedBull look very strong but webber seemed to have a bit of trouble finding the brake point for turn 15
4. Force India look to be the fastest Mercedes powered car. :eek:

The biggest factor for this weekend will be rain...it's supposed to be monsoon quality downpour for race day. :(. Spice up the strategy or safety car tour?

2013.03.23, 10:35 AM
Anyone mind me keeping this updated?

Great mixed weather qualifying today in Malaysia. The rain swooped in during Q2 session and although didn't really affect the usual top 10 it did ruin some possible surprise top 10 entries. My new mid-field team (Force India) had a really strong showing that faltered due to rain and timing out on slicks.

Other than that, Vettel takes pole position with a surprise Massa on the front row. With Ferraris start procedure it's possible Massa and Alonso in P3 might make a great show of tomorrow.

Hamilton is unfortunately making some good progress with Mercedes. P4 for the douchebag.

Looks like Kimi will faced with a penalty for impeding Rosberg and be moved to P10.

McLaren got both cars into Q3. Other than that I couldn't tell you much....

Lets hope for mixed conditions instead of Monsoon/safety car start

2013.03.23, 07:16 PM
I'm looking forward to the race, plan to watch it live.

I've always been a Hamilton fan and hope he does well at Mercesdes, overall though I think I'll be pulling for the Iceman this season. Give the man an icecream, leave him alone and see if he can't win a few more races.

2013.03.24, 05:15 AM
Excellent race! If only we could be a fly on the wall of the redbull garage to hear the post race screaming. Fastest car should win but I think Seb only won today because he was willing to destroy the car, Webber was more concerned with bringing the car home in one piece(as a team player should).

Again though, insanely good race, much better then most of last years races.

2013.03.24, 09:31 AM
I love the fact that it gets exciting.
Not always running bye the "rules" is fun.

I seem to remember a year when "the team rules" ruined the F1 season after my opinion.

2013.03.24, 10:09 AM
Exciting tension post race for sure...it's funny how I approved of the RedBull team orders (which Seb ignored) and disagreed with Mercedes team orders (which Rosberg followed).

Seb obviously is not a team player. No one could ever doubt that before and was reinforced today.

Shame about Alonso on lap1.

Tough pit strategy for Massa that comprimised his race.

All in all a good one in the books

2013.03.26, 06:49 PM
Shame about Alonso on lap1.

You're right, shame about lap 1. Complete idiocy trying to make lap 2 with the wing like that. I figured a former world champ would know better than that.

2013.03.27, 09:53 AM
You're right, shame about lap 1. Complete idiocy trying to make lap 2 with the wing like that. I figured a former world champ would know better than that.

I've had this conversation easily 20+times now with fellow enthusiasts:

If Alonso had made the stop for a wing he comes out fighting with the tail end of the pack then has to pit again for tires in 3-4 laps. Struggling in the tail of the field was one option that didn't seem acceptable so they (the team not just Alonso) decided to see if the wing could hold up for 3-4 laps and then change it during the switch to slicks.

The team was wrong....it happens.

My belief about the damage in the first place was that Vettel purposefully standstilled his turn 2 midpoint to cause some dramas with Alonso/Webber....worked out flawlessly in that respect.

2013.03.27, 12:12 PM
The team was on pit lane with a wing on hand. It must have been a last second decision to try and run it. I know Stefano is a turd, but I didn't think he was that bad!

2013.03.27, 03:07 PM
I doubt Vettel slowed on purpose to cause a collision, that is giving him way too much credit. I suspect he just screwed up or went slower then needed with poor grip. There is no question he looked slow in the middle of the corner.

I think Ferrari and Alonso made the right call, you gotta gamble to win, they lost this time but next time it may pay off.

2013.04.12, 09:38 AM
FP2 at China:

Massa posts P1 before long run testing
Raikkonen and Alonso fill out "podium"
Mercedes look really fast and well balanced during long runs
Tires are going to be a struggle...soft tire is suffering under fuel loads so it might be a weird 3 stop strategy on Sunday.

Fingers crossed for a dry race so we can see teams real pace with no weather/tire foibles.

2013.04.13, 10:10 AM
Chinese GP qualifying:

1. Lewis Hamilton takes the pole. His crazy decision to move to Merc this year is already starting to pay off.
2. Kimi Raikkonen takes p2 with a stunning show of speed for Lotus.
3. Ferrari post P3 and P5...the clean side of the track may give them a good getaway.

RedBull have gone a different route with Vettel and put on the prime tire for qualifying. He places P9 but will likely go much longer into first rounds of tire changes...hoping for limitation of distances lost on the opening laps and slotting g close to the lead?

Webber gets the shaft again at RedBull...it seems he had a fuel problem during Q2 and has to pull over on track. At inspection it's found he doesn't have enough fuel for a test sample and will be relegated to the back of the grid. The drama continues....?

2013.04.14, 11:36 AM
I think the Italian national anthem is the most inspirational anthem when heard on the top step of the podium. :D

1.Alonso dominates
2.vettel scares the rest of the podium finishers by charging at 3sec a lap in the closing stages.
3. Kimi takes 2nd with a solid strategy.
4. Hamilton takes p3...decent result.

Lots of great passing through the entire field but the low point was Perez should be given a penalty for weaving....he had some serious issues staying on the "one move" rule.

Webber gets the shaft....late pass on a Toro Rosso crushes his front wing and during his pit they fail to install a rear wheel properly and it falls off looping around slowly. Poor guy...he has to find a team that respects him as an equal racer.

Bahrain in one week....looks like there are some serious dry pace for 3 teams.

2013.04.19, 09:42 AM
Bahrain FP1 &2:

Ferrari fastest in 1 and Lotus/Raikonnen fastest in FP2

Option tires look fragile yet again with quality usage in qualifying type runs only getting optimum grip for 4/5ths of a lap.

Ferrari are my choice yet again (even though I'm biased) with Alonso showing great long run/fuel load pace on both tire compounds. They may not qualify well (I give pole to Kimi or Webber) but with a good start they will show that their car is best.

2013.04.19, 06:33 PM
I think the Italian national anthem is the most inspirational anthem when heard on the top step of the podium. :D

1.Alonso dominates
2.vettel scares the rest of the podium finishers by charging at 3sec a lap in the closing stages.
3. Kimi takes 2nd with a solid strategy.
4. Hamilton takes p3...decent result.

Lots of great passing through the entire field but the low point was Perez should be given a penalty for weaving....he had some serious issues staying on the "one move" rule.

Webber gets the shaft....late pass on a Toro Rosso crushes his front wing and during his pit they fail to install a rear wheel properly and it falls off looping around slowly. Poor guy...he has to find a team that respects him as an equal racer.

Bahrain in one week....looks like there are some serious dry pace for 3 teams.

Haha, I know you've always been a fan of big red. I'm glad you have come around to like ol' Fernando :D

1. Awesomeness! I hope Ferrari can keep up this run at the front of the pack for the year!
2. Did Red Bull think he could win with the reverse tire strategy? I've seen that done plenty of times in the past, but it's more for a low end team to try and make mid range points. Seeing how well Ric finished starting on the softs must have them scratching their head about whether they made the right decision or not. I guess they weren't the only ones leaning on the prime tire being the better first choice, as the field seemed to do the same thing. Didn't make sense to me, until I heard the BBC crew talking about the advantages, and how it would play into a faster overall race. Still didn't work out as well as the option tire start......
3. Boom! Kimi is back! My favorite Driver....if only he raced for Ferrari again :D
4. I can't believe how well he is going in a Mercedes, while he left his McL team struggling to find pace. Sarah and I talked about how poor Jenson did in the middle of the season last year when he was doing his own thing with set up. It took him going over to Lewis's settings to get the car back on form. Now the team doesn't have Lewis to lean on for development.....

Perez is driving like he is the king now that he is driving for McL, lol. He needs to take the advice he gave Pastor last year, lol.

Weber needs to get his head in the game this week. I could tell that he was preoccupied, and rightfully so with the media frenzy over him and Seb. Big drivers have to overcome big things. I hope he can do it, because I really like him. He is seemingly a great guy, and an awesome sportsman! I've got my fingers crossed that he has a good run this weekend!

2013.04.20, 10:36 AM
Qualifying for Bahrain GP:

1.Rosberg takes the pole position...first time a teammate has out qualified Lewis in Bahrain.
2. Ferrari takes P3 and 4 (after penalized cars move down) with Massa trying the reverse tire strategy starting on hard/prime tire
3. My underdog team of Force India take the third row! I'd really love to see Di Resta on the podium.

As for me liking Alonso, Landon...the big change was I started following him on Twitter and found out how much of a regular dude he is. He even has raced mini-z F1s at an event! I always (eventually) like the Scuderia drivers.

Look forward to an interesting race tomorrow...

2013.04.21, 10:13 AM
Talk about a race fought through the entire field!?!

1.Vettel takes the win :mad:
2.Lotus make both a 2 and 3 stop strategy work to put Kimi in p2 and Grosjean in p3.
3.Tough break for my favorite underdogs...Paul Di Resta/Force India lose the podium by pitting a bit too early on their 2 stop attempt. 4th matches his best previous effort.
4. Ferrari have some mechanical issues with Alonso's rear wing and Massas front wing/tire issues and scrape together 8th place for Alonso:(

Lots of crazy action in this race...if you have a chance to watch the replay later today I highly recommend it. The best race of the season for battling back and forth.

2013.05.10, 08:50 AM
FP of Catalunya, Spain:

Sight of pre season testing, this track in Spain will really show who's got a quick and balanced tire that can use the fragile Pirelli rubber to good effect.

FP2 finished with top 6 separated by .3 sec and top 3 by .086 with Vettel topping the charts.

Its going to be a squeaker for pole position.

2013.05.11, 10:41 AM
Catalunya quali:

A Mercedes front row!:eek:

Rosberg takes the pole with an outstanding 1:20.7. Their last sector is unbelievable but with its highlight being focused on mechanical grip it'll be safe to say first pit stops will be interesting.

Ferrari takes the third row with 1 thousands of a sec between Alonso and Massa.

Tires will decide the race in the pit strategy. It's a difficult track to pass so you'll likely watch for fast pitstop and outlaps.

2013.05.12, 11:20 AM
WHOOHOO !!!!!!

There's nothing better than a Ferrari schooling the field in race craft...Alonso makes 95k Spanish fans very happy at Catalunya. The opening lap off the lights where Alonso passes both Kimi and Hamilton on the outside of turn 3 was a thing of beauty.

Kimi takes 2nd and Massa takes 3rd.

Vettel is off the podium(sh17 yeah!)

It's funny when Mercedes and Rosberg drop to 6th and I feel bad for him yet Hamilton drops to 12th and I have a huge grin.

Great race!

Off to Monaco...the most prestigious and boring race at the same time.

2013.05.13, 01:27 AM
Was a great race.

I can't help but want to see Kimi win the championship though, if the Lotus isn't up to the task then I'll support Alonso even though I'm not a fan.

Have no respect for Vettel these days.

2013.05.13, 08:06 AM

A worthy read about Catalunya and all the whining about tire management racing.

2013.05.13, 10:51 AM

A worthy read about Catalunya and all the whining about tire management racing.

thanks for posting that, it was a great read and I really agree. I wish the teams would push throughout the whole race, I'm not a big fan a running to a lap time delta unless that delta is as fast as they driver can push the car.

Racing is pushing, pushing, pushing. I wish all the teams would do it more.

Hamilton's quote of "I can't drive any slower" is very telling and maybe they should have just pushed hard and went with 5 stops.....they do have a fast car.

2013.05.23, 09:25 AM
Monaco! A ridiculous race full of pomp held on the narrow streets of the principality since 1929. Whoever thought this was a good idea for a race should be thanked profusely because I can't think of any better show of racing skill than weaving a 800bhp open wheeled car through the Armco than this venue.

Anyhow, Thursday practice (Friday is a day off) came and went with Mercedes showing top of the sheets followed closely by Ferrari.

RedBull look a little understeery and post p5 and 9.

Lotus look strong but Grosjean makes the crew work hard by crushing the front of his car into st. Devote.

Quali looks like it'll be riveting.

2013.05.25, 10:51 AM
Monaco qualifying:

Nico Rosberg takes the pole with Hamilton beside him on the front row. Mercedes have a good chance of taking the win with the difficulty of passing on this circuit.

RedBull on row 2.

Kimi and Fernando Alonso in 5 and 6 respectively.

Really tense quali session with some mixed weather in the opening heats. Get a chance you should watch it...

2013.05.25, 03:44 PM
Qual was great with the changing conditions. No matter how tough it is to pass I have this feeling Mercedes still may not win though. Redbull or Ferrari will probably find a way to pass during a pitstop.

2013.05.26, 10:13 AM
....and Rosberg wins. First time a father then son has both won Monaco (Keke won in 78 i think?)

Redbull round out the podium.

Alonso has steering issues through the race and gets relegated to 7th

My underdog favorites (Force India) pull the passes of the race (both with Sutil and DiResta) and score great points with sutil finishing 5th and diResta in 9th.

The idiot of the race (and there were a few:D) is a tie between Perez and Grosjean. At one point Perez was leading with his "I'll try a late pass, hope it works and hope my opponent leaves me enough room" attempts which finally ran out of luck but Grosjean shoving his car so far up Riccardo (Toro Rosso) rear that the Toro Rosso's rear wing almost overlapped Grosjeans ****pit! Grosjean is going to get sanctioed by the team for all the money in spare parts he cost them (4 crashes total for the weekend).

Typical Monaco....tour around until a safety period then hope the melee gives you a spot.;)

Canada June 9th.

2013.05.26, 10:33 AM
Btw, an interesting little read about a possible breach of the testing regs:


I hope Mercedes doesn't get screwed over but it is a bit fishy...using a current car with the team drivers (as opposed to a 2yr old car and reserve drivers) is a bit suspicious.

2013.06.07, 09:48 PM
FP2 at Montreal GP:

Very close times in the session with Alonso topping the charts. He also posted fastest with fuel runs near the end of a 47 lap practice session.

RedBull look fast as well but complaining about getting heat into the fronts.

It looks like it'll be interesting qualifying session

2013.06.08, 01:23 PM
Crazy qualifying in mixed weather!

My star of today is Valteri Bottas!? Typical front row (Vettel and Hamilton) but an unbelievable session for Williams and Bottas...taking what has been a terrible season so far (0points) and showing some remarkable driving to put a sub standard chassis onto the second row (P3)

Please let it be dry tomorrow. :D

2013.06.09, 10:28 PM
Race was great today, Vettel was in super speed mode.

Very sad that the corner worker was killed though.

2013.06.11, 09:01 AM
Due to some epic TV issues, I was not able to watch the whole race even on a late night replay but some points I felt needed making:

1. Valteri Bottas has some skill! Due to Williams lack of pace we haven't really seen much of him but his Montreal qualifying out him in the sharp end of things. His start wasn't the best but his defensive skills are clearly F1 caliber. His line placement made even Alonso and Sutil take notice

2. Massa got the most passing done during the race...you could tell he was confident with his mechanical grip levels and balance.

3. Vettel is an F-ing crybaby! He laps the field up to 6th place, wins by a ridiculous margin and then whines about how unsafe the tires are during interviews. It might be me but I don't recall there ever being a World Champion with negative things to say about a tire supplier when things are still going the teams way.

4. Great battle for the rest if the podium...it's too bad Webber lost some front wing from an in attentive backmarker and if that hadn't happened I think his front grip might've been stronger to gap Alonso during the 40ish laps.

Didn't get to see much else...rebroadcast was preempted earlier by Nadal/Ferrer so I saw to lap 41. Sucks...first race I haven't fully watched in 15 years.

2013.06.29, 10:29 AM
British GP Qualifying:

Mercedes showed real pace today and lewis scores the Pole with a blistering 1:29:6-ish...he seemed very calm at the wheel and made the best of minimal practice (typical uncertain weather on Friday).

RedBull showed speed and may be sandbagging a bit with their true race pace. vettel and webber used very little of their tire allotment so expect a true showing of their abilities on fresh rubber tomorrow.

Both ferrari and lotus struggled for grip. Their cars with the ease of rubber wear appeared to not get enough heat into the tires.

Force India got paul diresta into 5th on the grid...a very fine effort for my underdog team. I hope that they can translate their efforts into a good haul of points tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for a dry race with some warm temps so my teams can get some heat into their race pace.:D

2013.06.30, 11:26 AM
Now that was a race!!!!

Too many things/incidents happened so if you didn't watch it...you suck. :D

Seriously the best action packed race of the season.

2013.06.30, 05:33 PM
Now that was a race!!!!

Too many things/incidents happened so if you didn't watch it...you suck. :D

Seriously the best action packed race of the season.

+1 !!!

Easily the best race of the year.

2013.07.26, 02:44 AM
Hungary, here I come!
Looking forward to watch my first live F1 ever!

2013.07.28, 12:40 PM
Not much to say about Hungary...a strategic race all about tires.

Hamilton wins.

2013.07.28, 03:28 PM
A great race, I felt like I went back in time a season or two to when the cars actually raced each other, and not the clock.

2013.07.28, 07:11 PM
I think my biggest problem with Hungary is the lack of passing...it's such a tight circuit that moves are few and far between and require a passer hoping for the passee giving more than a fair space to avoid conflict.

Look at Grosjean as an example...he makes a pass on Button and almost retires the both of them with contact. He then makes a move on Massa but runs it a tiny bit wide and gets a penalty for it. There were plenty of examples of having to give more than a fair bit of room to avoid retiring.

I certainly liked the battle between Vettel and Raikonnen. Classic sector preferences made a tight yoyo-ing all the way to the checkered.

The Summer Break is gonna kill me. :(

2013.07.28, 08:35 PM
From a passing standpoint it wasn't the best race, no question about that. However it seemed like they were really driving on the limit which almost seems rare. Think back to the middle of the Schumacher era, there wasn't a ton of passing but everyone sure hauled around the track. This race reminded me of that.

Gotta admit it was also nice to see the redbull isn't a perfect car, when they aren't in clean air it suffers like many other cars.

Alonso didn't seem to have any fight in him today, Rossberg did for half a lap until his contact, Lewis was a man on a mission, Kimi was good but not too exciting.

To the letter of the rules I guess Grosjean deserved the penalty but in terms of passing he was great, I would have preferred they let it slide this time.

2013.08.23, 08:49 AM
FP2 at the best "Classic" circuit of them all...Spa Francorchamps!

Haven't finished watching but all the main characters/teams have split the driver setups for differing downforce profiles. Such a big circuit with a great mix of high and low downforce bits allows the driver to choose either fast and slightly loose in the corners or tons of grip and lacking in top speed.

So far fast and loose seems to be the choice...until the rain comes on Sunday. :D

2013.08.24, 11:20 AM
Holy awesome qualifying session!

The mixed weather made for some great sessions. Highlights included:

1. Caterham and Marussia get cars into Q2!?!
2. Williams go from P1 and 2 with 2 minutes left Q1 to being knocked out.

The best highlight of all is my underdog team, Force India, almost take pole position with a great timed effort with the rain causing epic dramas during the meat of Q3...only to get it snatched away by drivers who lapped through before the clock ticked 0:00 and got a lap in. Paul DiResta takes P5 and the usual suspects of Mercedes and RedBull splitting up the front rows.

I really wish the rain had held up. :(

2013.08.25, 11:39 AM
A dry race at Spa....yawn.

I'm glad the race director didn't bother showing the cruise at the front for Vettel because the mid pack racing got intense at times.

1. Happy to see Alonso tear his way up from P9 to finish on the second step
2. Glad the stewards were ruthless in their handing out penalties for driver infractions. Some "decisive" moves were overly aggressive and the instigators were held accountable.
3. Shame about Kimi but from the go you had a feeling a brake failure was in the cards.

Somebody better step up and take the fight to RedBull or it'll be a Schumacher era championship win...I see now how much it sucks when you're not a fan of the title leader.

Monza up next. Fingers crossed for a Ferrari win!

2013.08.27, 06:23 AM
Anyone heading to the race in November? Really looking forward to it... my first F1 live :D

2013.08.27, 09:26 AM
Anyone heading to the race in November? Really looking forward to it... my first F1 live :D

I'm jealous for sure, I'm going to try and get to the one next year.

2013.09.06, 09:06 AM

Pure high speed and full throttle for 75% of the lap...top speed of 330-ish kph! (210ish mph for you ignorant US :D)

I really hope Ferrari are sandbagging it because its looking like another RedBull runaway. Top of the charts and great fuel run consistency.

Vettel is almost 2 full race wins ahead in points so somebody better do something soon.

2013.09.07, 03:08 PM
A drama filled qualifying session!

Sutil blocking Hamilton(hard to believe not on purpose)

Alonso fussing and fuming with the team, supposedly saying on the radio to get rid of Massa.

Horrible qual for Lotus.

The only team its all going great for is Redbull, sigh...

2013.09.10, 07:21 PM
Massa has announced he is done at Ferrari.

So would Ferrari be so bold as to resign Kimi as the rumors suggest? I'd like to see them do it but I can't help but think pretty boy Alonso will have a fit or even leave. We all remember how well he did at McLaren when he wasn't primped and preened by everyone in the team.

2013.09.10, 08:21 PM
I think the wife and I will be cheering for the same team next year for exactly that reason Steve:

Kimi wants more than anything to be left alone to race. He doesn't need or want to be the centre of attention so Alonso can hog the limelight as long as they both can race.

Ferrari will now have a choice of drivers to head into the drivers championship (as long as they build a good car) and have more opportunity to score more points for the constructors.

My heart goes out to Massa...he is still one of my favorite drivers who almost became World Champion. He never was the same once Ferrari hired Alonso so I hope he can find a team who will give him a car and a chance to prove himself a #1 driver.

Maybe ill be cheering for Lotus next year?

2013.09.11, 08:31 AM
Confirmed this AM...Kimi and Fernando for Ferrari.

Now they better have a strong powerplant and balanced chassis for their bid to break RedBulls stranglehold on the constructors.

2013.09.11, 11:35 AM
The Iceman vs the DramaQueen, will be a great season, can't wait for it to start!

2013.09.22, 03:04 PM
Singapore...the Monaco of the East!!!!

Typical runaway for Vettel but dramatic for the points positions 3rd through 10th.

Alonso made another great start to get from 7th on the grid to finish 2nd best.

Kimi somehow went from 14th to finish 3rd.

Someone has to do something soon...with 6 races left there's little chance of breaking Vettels stranglehold of the drivers championship.

2013.10.06, 12:29 PM
Another entertaining race behind another RedBull walk in the park.

Great to see Kimi taking 2nd after a chilling late move by Grosjean to defend. :eek:

The drive of the day goes to Hulkenberg...a great defense of 4th with Hamilton hounding him for the last 12 laps. With awesome corner exit and top speed Hulkenberg held up 2 champions (Alonso in 6th) and showed maturity under intense pressure.

Hope Vettels making space in his trophy room for another big one.

2013.10.12, 11:56 AM

Qualifying today finally showed a chink in Vettels armor/program. A failure in his KERS had him fail to take P1 and gave Webber the pole. It's the first time this season I've been happy to see a RedBull on pole...

Here's an interesting little read for you...makes you wonder if RedBull will finally get caught cheating or if the FIA will continue to turn a blind eye:


2013.10.13, 11:55 AM
Good to see Webber get a podium
Good to see Grosjean do his best fighting with Webber

I am so f-ing sick of Vettel. Great racer but man the luck always falls his way. :(

The championship stays alive...just barely.

2013.10.13, 02:07 PM
One must remember that "luck" is where preparation meets opportunity.

2013.10.27, 11:24 AM
I am so looking forward to the spec change for next season....some manufacturer has to build a chassis thatcan match RedBulls dominance.

RedBull take drivers and constructors. Vettel slices through from an early stop from option tires and rips a 28 sec lead at the finish.

Webber's car fails him again. :(

Massa gets a 4th. The only good thing about this race for me...