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2013.03.09, 07:39 PM
Seems all the body styles are marked for everything but an MR-01 chassis. I am interested in buying more bodies but even the ones marketed with the MR-01 when they first came out are even different now. I dont get it. Whats up with the MR-01 being forgotten about in their parts?

I like the body charts in the forum they help out but Kyosho seems they put everyone on the chase...lol.

My examples are my Corvette and F-40 bodies. I see they come on the new ones now. Are they the same thing??

Im finding it hard being an MR-01 owner who's comming back after a long time away from it.

2013.03.10, 01:15 PM
I wouldn't stress too much about what fits on what, if there's a body you want to run... buy it and make it work. You are starting out with an MR01 chassis so I would say that pretty much anything should fit on that, but you may have to swap wheels and such to keep the offsets in line.

Much has evolved over the years. These cars were pretty much an old idea re-born when they started selling more than a decade ago. The MR01 is basically a useable relic in my book... no reason why you can't tune and tweak any RC to get it to do what you want. As far as parts go, dig around... its almost better to surf for some used complete cars online. I know for a fact that there are plenty of well-hooked MR01s sitting in closets collecting dust just waiting to be thrown on the Bay or CL.

I got one from a member here a while back, what was once a $300, fully-hooked up MR01 was bought for next to nothing! You just have to keep an eye out for deals like that.

2013.03.10, 01:21 PM
it's a 10 year old model... you expect kyosho to still manufacturer parts after 3 chassis changes have happened :confused:

with the mr-01, like ed suggests, should fit anything provided you can get the right combination of wheel offsets h plate. don't pay attention to body width really. your only limitation will be finding the parts necessary (h plates). i'm sure the shop here still has the old mr-01-mr-02 conversion plates that should be good enough to get you hooked up to motor mounts/differentials.

you have to be a good shopper for mr-01. the up side is, those parts are usually so cheap now cost isn't an issue anymore, just availability.

2013.03.21, 10:28 AM
I just bought my 1st mini-z car (2 of them). Both are MR-01. Didn't even know there was a difference. the LHS, had a body for a MR-015, picked that up, works great. The rear wheels extend outside the body a little, but I think it looks great.

So those flatter bodies for the MR-02 will not work easily ? We will have to hack it a bit to make them work?

2013.03.21, 11:49 AM
you need to change wheel offsets to change the distance the wheels protrude from the body.

yes, low bodies will likely conflict with the chassis height and or suspension depending on what you are using for suspension. in some cases you may need to cut holes in the rear window. likewise, some bodies simply won't work due to the chassis height at the front end.

2013.03.21, 11:50 AM
It certainly depends on the body. It's unlikely you'll get some of the newer bodies to fit but you might have success with new GT style bodies depending on your motor mount.

Good luck and welcome!