View Full Version : MBH101S Buggy wheels for Monster tires.

2013.03.11, 03:09 PM
Has anyone tried the MBH101S wheels that allow the use of Monster tires on a MB-010 Buggy?
Any good? Any issues?
Would appreciate some testimonies before I order.

2013.04.07, 06:10 PM
No one?

2014.09.07, 06:26 PM
I got these and have been playing with them a while. They are fun but the Buggy rather lacks oomph.
I'm pondering a motor upgrade to an Atomic Chili or Stock R mainly because that's what I have in my parts box.

Any reasons NOT to use either of these motors as a straight drop in replacement for the stock motor with the Monster wheels?

Also, should I be changing gearing?