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2013.03.12, 03:29 AM

I need some help here. May I know which branded 2.4G tax will readily bind with firelap boards?

I don't like the feel of the existing Firelap tx so I transplanted the module from the Firelap tax into the Flysky GT3C tax, which works superbly until voltage hits 3.8v, my guess is that the Firelap module in it doesn't get enough voltage to function properly and the car loses signal.



2013.03.12, 07:08 AM
u can try futaba but i think iwaver only copied the out side of the radio.

2013.07.10, 12:22 PM
There are no branded 2.4G Tx that will bind with iwaver/firelap module. Their "signal" are different. I use to have a whole bunch of iwavers/firelaps (there are at three versions of their board that came out), none of which will bind to a big name brand Tx.

The only way to make it work is to adapt the module of the iwaver/firelap just like what you did.

I forgot the working voltage, but I think it was 5v. Lower than 5v, you will really have signal loss issues.