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2013.03.16, 02:51 AM
I just tried Ni-Zi batteries and its like running a mod motor on a 70 turn. It's 1.6 volts so I guess it's another thing we need to check during spec class racing.

2013.03.16, 05:13 AM
Have never heard of this battery, or a charger that can charge it. But thanks for the heads up.

2013.03.16, 05:55 AM
Who makes them and how do you charge them? Do they need a a special charger?

2013.03.16, 06:19 AM
Found some on Amazon made by BPI. Come with charger just for this type of cell.

2013.03.16, 07:14 AM
Old technology, but at work I have lately seen the technology used in some industrial applications.
They do not hold their charge well, but are very capable. One of the biggest reasons they kind of have a buzz now is because they are easy to recycle.

Did not know they were available in aaa size. Cool find.

2013.03.16, 06:35 PM
interesting info from this link (http://michaelbluejay.com/batteries/rechargeable.html)

-Works great in high-drain devices
-Lasts longer in some high-drain devices than NiMH's
-Higher voltage (1.65V+) makes lights burn brighter (except some LED's which regulate the voltage)
-The high voltage (1.65V) can burn out lights quicker, fry some electronics with no voltage regulator, and just not work in some electronics that do have voltage regulators
-High self-discharge rate (they lose ~13% of their initial charge per month just sitting around)
-Capacity plummets as the cells are cycled (used & recharged)
-Requires a special, proprietary charger.
-Possible reliability problems (high failure rate: cells die quickly or self-discharge even faster than normal)
-They're ever-so-slightly larger than normal, so they might not fit in those rare devices in which the batteries are already a tight fit.
-Semi-discontinued (see below; for now, Amazon has them, and the charger)
-Not available in any sizes besides AA and AAA

Intro.* NiZn's were introduced by PowerGenix in 2009 as an alternative to NiMH's.* Their gimmick is that they have a higher voltage, so they're a solution for devices in which the 1.2V of NiMH cells is too low.* The higher voltage also means that camera flashes power up faster and flashlights burn brighter.* But the higher voltage could be both a blessing and a curse, with the higher voltage burning out lights and sensitive electronics, as we'll see below.* PowerGenix made them in only the AA size, and then discontinued them, but off-brands from China are available on eBay.

2013.06.16, 07:53 PM
most classes have battery rules. this should address the issue, as well as the tech knowing about Ni-Zn which many don't.

lets be very clear, there is a distinct advantage in using 1.6v cells. i've seen it first hand. most events have cell requirements/restrictions so it's an issue that i have yet to see be a problem.




an obvious question is, the proprietary charger is a 6hr charger. can these be safely charged on a Maha C9000 and still maintain some measure of reasonable cycles in the life of the cell? or maybe the LaCrosse charger...

FYI, these can be bought cheaply if you search around. you can get 40 cells and the charger for less than $40. it's a toss up whether or not that cost is worth it given the general cons with these cells. there are plenty of cons to be found in online reviews.

2013.06.17, 02:18 AM
Thanks for sharing pics. Pretty interesting... Using these definitely will have a distinct advantage over the competition... So I figure rules might ban them…

Have you used them yourself? How are they? Kinda bummer having them to charge for 6 hrs.

2013.06.17, 07:36 PM
these have been around for some time. most event have rules for cells so i don't expect it to be an issue. the fact that it has not circulated the forums much, if at all, suggests it's not been an issue either.

i have not run them yet myself but i've seen what they can do from staring at the bumper of those that blew past me :p

i have not even charged mine yet and don't really want to till needed given the horrible drop off after each cycle. these really do have short life spans if all the reviews are correct.

2015.12.16, 07:44 PM
Hi guys, has anyone used the nizn aaas in the new MR03S? I know it works on my VE - but was wondering if the higher voltage (apparently it can go up to 1.8v on full chargex4) could potentially fry the cheaper electronics in the Sports series. Thanks.