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2013.03.16, 03:51 PM
Ok so heres the deal,

for a limited time, I am offering a special deal to Inside Line Racing monthly members. This will only apply to people who currently carry a valid month membership for March.

I am offering free RE-PAINTING service to old/previously painted Mini-Z white bodies. Bring by a old body that you used to race, maybe put into a box because paint is chipping, or the body started to crack and you've replaced it. I will remove the old paint and repaint it with my design and color of choice, then return it to you refreshed.

Turn around time aprox 1 week - 1 month.
I am only accepting 1 body per person at the moment.
Please give the body directly to me.

Why am I offering free painting to old bodies?
I'm just starting with airbrushing and would like some practice.
If I mess up or screw up, its just a Old body that you were going to throw away anyways? :p




2013.04.04, 10:17 PM
Sweet, I got one for you.

2013.04.05, 06:48 AM
that 599 is sexy

2013.04.05, 06:59 PM
yeah that 599 looks awesome going around the track

2013.04.06, 11:37 PM
Here are a few more bodies I painted

Most are customers color choices.





2013.04.07, 08:47 AM
of all, i prefer the splatter versions over your normal 10th scale stuff. what are you using for masking?

2013.04.07, 03:17 PM
of all, i prefer the splatter versions over your normal 10th scale stuff. what are you using for masking?

I'm currently using the 3m Blue masking tape, but will have to try out other tapes, as you can see there is some paint leaks along the lines.

2013.04.07, 03:39 PM
how flexible is it? i like the thin tamiya tapes but always looking for something better myself.

2013.04.07, 03:59 PM
Really like the r8. But all look good

2013.04.07, 09:21 PM
how flexible is it? i like the thin tamiya tapes but always looking for something better myself.

Its more for doing straight lines, i dont think i'd be able to get away with curves. At the local arts store, they also sell 1/8" masking tape which is nice for doing specific curves, but this tape is just the basic yellow masking tape, which also results in leaks if you spray heavy coats.

Really like the r8. But all look good

Thanks Chad.

Side note, for non-local guys who may possibly be interested in a paint job. Heres a thought I have (I'd still have to talk to the people at InsideLineRacing about this idea)

--You can call into ILR, make a body purchase over the phone.
--I can pick it up from there and paint the body (this is to avoid buying then shipping a white body to me)
--Paint and ship it to you

Please PM me if you may be interested in this, if there is enough people I can talk to ILR to see if they take Credit Card purchases over the phone.

My labor rate would probably be in the ball park of $20 shipped.

2013.04.08, 06:38 AM
those splatter jobs give me goose bumps

2013.04.15, 03:37 AM
This one goes with the orange/white and green/blue bodies posted above. They all go to the same family, kept it the same design for the Wife, Husband, and Son.

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b313/teamnamiek/Airbrush%20work/1FEC33AC-8137-408E-A35B-2864CA9CF732-1435-000000D51615E798_zpsf5a99404.jpg (http://s22.photobucket.com/user/teamnamiek/media/Airbrush%20work/1FEC33AC-8137-408E-A35B-2864CA9CF732-1435-000000D51615E798_zpsf5a99404.jpg.html)

Here is a one-off design I made for a good friend, he gave me a bunch of colors to use for my airbrushing, in return I spent many hours working on this. Had a issue with paint bleed from hand cutting masking tape for the design on the front end. :(

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b313/teamnamiek/Airbrush%20work/99809948-7EBB-4146-ABC9-A6E862FCF10A-1435-000000D53463D6CF_zps575cc44a.jpg (http://s22.photobucket.com/user/teamnamiek/media/Airbrush%20work/99809948-7EBB-4146-ABC9-A6E862FCF10A-1435-000000D53463D6CF_zps575cc44a.jpg.html)

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b313/teamnamiek/Airbrush%20work/52B66BB1-43D9-4478-89C3-515FD42F2806-1435-000000D548B2F82C_zpsff4a9176.jpg (http://s22.photobucket.com/user/teamnamiek/media/Airbrush%20work/52B66BB1-43D9-4478-89C3-515FD42F2806-1435-000000D548B2F82C_zpsff4a9176.jpg.html)

2013.04.15, 08:23 AM
hmm. when using the 18mm tamiya mask and hand cutting with a new xacto knife, i almost never get bleed through like that. in your case, it's over white so you can scrape it off and touch up the white. at least that is what i do. i typically don't paint white over a white body either so it's even easier to clean up stuff like that. it gets more tricky with other colors depending on how quickly you get to it and how setup the paint is to the layer underneath.

you've got a skilled hand at cutting out those rain drops. getting curves in sequence like that by hand is not easy. it reminds me of drafting batt insulation in plans before CAD took over.

are you hand cutting the checkered pattern as well? i really want to try that but with a flag ripple effect to it.

2013.04.15, 03:43 PM
I've heard good feedback with the tamiya masking tape. Have yet to try it, as i am waiting for a friend to lend me some. At the moment I'm using frog masking tape from the local hardware store. The frog tape seems to work great with straight lines on flat surfaces.

I use a small cutting mat to hand cut my designs, its a combination of small knife movements while my other hand actually moves and rotates the cutting mat.

To do the checkered I used a ruler and cut a bunch of squares, then placed it on the car piece by piece. Just something i was trying out, im sure there are better methods.

2013.04.15, 03:47 PM
ouch, cutting and then transferring :eek: now that is patience :D i do all my cutting on the body. just cover with mask then draw/stencil over that and trim. i've never had as good results with transferring patterns as they always pick up something from the mat and too easy to damage in the pick up, move or application. hats off to you for making it work.

2013.06.05, 11:13 PM
Still learning methods and such.
But here is a body I did for LeMans prototype driver Luis Diaz.
The design on the hood was suppose to be the design you see on his helmet, but my xacto work didn't come out so well. This was also another "cut and transfer" masking job.

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b313/teamnamiek/Airbrush%20work/IMG_5806_zpsa55f4b1f.jpg (http://s22.photobucket.com/user/teamnamiek/media/Airbrush%20work/IMG_5806_zpsa55f4b1f.jpg.html)

2013.06.06, 02:53 AM
pretty cool…