View Full Version : MA-015 DWS and toe-in

2013.03.19, 09:00 AM
I got a MA-015 DWS with the +3 and +4 rear toe-in set that came with the car.
I'm wondering if there is a +0, +1 or +2 rear toe-in set anywhere?
Can't find it in any stores.

Can anyone help me please.

nb: I do "rally" not drift. Not going to swap out the rear for a SAS.
I got full ball bearing, alloy swing shafts, buggy diffs, 70T motor and the softest springs from PN front and back. "racing" on RCP with the stock tires that came with my Toyota Celica "Kankkunen" edition.

2013.03.19, 12:05 PM
Lowest I have seen is +2 which should be 1 degree per side. Some rear toe is pretty common in awd cars. I'm pretty happy with the stock 3 degrees but haven't really tried other setups. My friend with an older SAS bought the parts to add toe to his car, it lowered his lap times on my track so I'd give it a try before you worry about it.

2013.03.20, 11:50 AM
I know I can lower my lap times with some toe-in. I can also lower my lap times if I use tires with more grip and not the to hard original tires.
But I'm not into that with my AWD.
I use my 3x MR-03 for racing. This is for fun.

But if +2 is the lowest there is, then I might go looking for one like that.

Thanks man