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2013.03.23, 06:38 PM
For those wanting to upgrade to the brushless experience and you already have an MR-03 rolling chassis, you need only purchase 5 parts to do so.

MZ501 Kyosho Mini-Z Main Chassis Set for MR-03VE $12.99+/-

MZ502 Kyosho Mini-Z Upper Cover Set for MR-03 VE $9.99+/-

MZ503 Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03VE RC Unit RA-27 2.4GHz ASF/ICS PCB $131.99+/-

MZ504 Brushless Motor Xspeed VE $52.97+/-

DN019 Kyosho Screw Set (M1.2x3.5, 20PCS) $5.00 +/-

subtotal $213, prices based on various online shops (please note the motor is not yet available from Kyosho USA). This is a good deal less than dealer pricing and significantly less than retail price for the kit form. 32760 Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03 VE RC Chassis Set (2.4GHz ASF)

This also assumes you intend to use the stock motor mount and or have a motor mount that is compatible with the standard 130 motor, such as the R246-1201 Kyosho Route 246 R246 Mini-Z Alloy Motor Mount for MR-015 MM / MR-02 MM / MR-03 MM or similar aftermarket motor mount.

This last one came as a surprise, realizing the servo motor cover had screw holes that were miniscule. A quick look at the Exploded View (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/pdf/MR03VE-T01_ex.pdf) clarified this and provided the part number for the screw kit. Fortunately I still had a few various screws left over from my foray into dNaNo and was able to complete my build. If you don't already have #0 philips, get one. If you don't have good eye sight, a helper hands with magnifying lens will help. If you have chubby fingers, make sure the screw driver is magnetized. Only 3 are needed and the pack comes with 20, which is good thing as chances are your going to loose at least 1.


My build is currently on hold pending release of the motor domestically or preferably, an aftermarket option with tapped can. My PCB also came with wires broken off the board which is consistent with reports that the wiring is fragile to say the least. That bit will be easily fixed with a proper soldering iron.

2013.03.24, 08:13 AM
You bought a MR-03VE chassi, thats not a conversion is it?
Or I'm I missing something here??

2013.03.24, 08:24 AM

i show the parts kits needed to convert from brushed to brushless MR-03 vs. buying the completed chassis set. you must exchange/replace parts on a rolling chassis thus a conversion from brushed to brushless. the only difference from conversions of years past is you are staying with the same chassis platform, in this case MR-03, even though the base chassis is actually different.

For those wanting to upgrade to the brushless experience and you already have an MR-03 rolling chassis, you need only purchase 5 parts to do so.

2013.03.24, 08:24 AM
ah I see.


A little misunderstanding. Sorry.

2013.03.25, 05:41 PM
Is this motor a possible fit? Just released.
The link has measurements.
I think a 130 series mabuchi motor is 20.1mm and this thing is 21mm.
Little bigger but tapped so it should fit in PN pods.
Looks like 3 different radius options for tapped mounts.



2013.03.25, 06:46 PM
Pretty sure you'd want a motor 15mm in diameter. The standard Mabuchi is 21x 15. Many mounts can only handle 15mm in one direction.

2013.03.25, 06:53 PM
The length of that Castle is no good...I have a 20mm round BL which doesnt fit a PN pod and it's 27mm long. 38mm long/20mm diameter is like a narrow 18th scale motor.

2013.03.25, 09:13 PM
The length of that Castle is no good...I have a 20mm round BL which doesnt fit a PN pod and it's 27mm long. 38mm long/20mm diameter is like a narrow 18th scale motor.

bummer. But I suppose if you made custom pod that would fit, then this thing would be a MONSTER :)

2013.03.26, 10:48 AM
bummer. But I suppose if you made custom pod that would fit, then this thing would be a MONSTER :)

You will never control the car even if you hack/mod the motor pod!
These micro scales going into trifasic power should be only released on 4x4 platforms. (trifasic power is the brushless power) if you know "stuff" from the Volt's area! :)

You even need a track that provide traction for a standart brushed motor moving the mr's!
RACE with a 2wd miniz on tile flor, concrete, asphalt, wood... never happen... but a little of play can happen with the right tire, but is a desgraše falling apart! A track with grip is a miniz world!

There are many atemp's to make any miniz 2wd or xmods brushless but really don't pass it! But now with the miniz mr03 ve stuff, we can make it happen! but a 4x4 brushless xmod will be more controllable then the 2wd mr03ve.

2wd is good for normal power "trifasic" power! Sure there are 2wd racing all over the world but that's 1/0 or 1/12 scale.... but anyway that's a good solution for out of the box CHILLI POWER!

I see the brushless motor on some webstores in stock, but the Ve board is always out of stock everywhere! lol

And if you dump the money and have nails (years) of racing on your hands 2wd is fun.... but only then :) lol

2013.03.26, 12:41 PM
it's not that difficult to get a brushless car to hook up on a track. i've driven one on RCP and while it slid around more than brushed, it was still controllable and actually very nice to drive. track surface will play a large part of how well these will perform.

2013.03.26, 05:40 PM
You will never control the car even if you hack/mod the motor pod!

Initially all I was really hoping for was a direct fit with a tapped motor for our alloy motorpods. If it's bigger I realize it would be a beast. I have the new MR-03ve and it's already a handful.

2013.03.26, 06:48 PM
Thanks for putting together this list, arch2b. I didn't know I missed some other parts other than the motor/ESC/top cover.

bummer. But I suppose if you made custom pod that would fit, then this thing would be a MONSTER :)
The main problem with the 2030-size motors as cowboy said is being 30+ mm in length. They are too long to fit in between your wheels. Measure the distance from the inside edge of the motor pod on the diff side, to the inside edge of your wheel on the non-drive side, assuming there is nothing on the motor pod itself getting in the way. It might be possible to fit on a Le Mans axle, but even then, the width could be another problem. You might not be able to mesh the gears without the can hitting the axle.

This past weekend though, I saw a local guy who put the Kyosho VE motor on a particular 94mm Atomic mount, although I don't know which model. It clamps the motor on both ends and then the clamps get screwed to the pod. It may have been AR-266-V2.

2013.03.26, 09:16 PM
no problem. thought it may be helpful, especially with the surprise of the dnano screw set. i would hate to get everything and realize you can't bolt down the servo motor :mad: that would be frustrating to say the least.

2013.08.11, 01:40 PM
Here is my brushless VE conversion. The chassis is actually MR03. Some modifications are needed as the VE circuit board is bigger. I have glued the servo motor on its place. The top covers are from VE.

The motor is Turnigy 1220 Brushless Inrunner Motor 10300kv It is really tiny and lightweight. the shaft needs to be changed to 2 mm shaft. It has enough power at full batteries, but could have a bit more after that. I think a 1230 9000kv version of this motor with 2 mm shaft would be just perfect, if such motor would be available.

The current Atomic brushless are rely monstrous compared to this, I have not dried them yet, they should have plenty of power based on their size.

2013.08.13, 04:13 AM
Garug - Beautiful Home-grown modified MR03VE:D

You said you had to change the Turnigy 1220 BL Inrunner motor shaft to 2mm. I tried looking up the 1220 motor and found it on a few sites FS.. But where would you get the replacement 2mm shaft? Is it a Turnigy 2mm shaft? Or aftermarket?
And how do you swap the 2mm shaft in? Is it difficult or fairly easy?

I love to see what custom chassis mods people come up with! Great job and any info would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

2013.08.13, 02:24 PM
The shaft replacement was easier to do than explain ;-)

I took the shaft from old stock motor. Just use a small hammer and hit it trough. I used vise to support it below and actually an other stock motor shaft to hit the other shaft trough the anchor so I ended up two stock motor anchors on one shaft and one removed shaft.

After this I just hammered the shaft in to the Thurnigy motor, without disassembling it. To do this it need to be supported below. I removed the inner part of an old 2 mm bearing and used it to support the Thurnigy motor bearings so that they will not break when hitting the shaft trough.

I realise it might be difficult to follow what I just wrote, but as I said, easier done than explained. And it might be that I was a bit lucky too, that I did not break the bearings.

On the "Shaft" picture the shaft replaced. This motor weights less than 9 g.

Today I got my hands on PN 9500kv motor and I like it a lot. It has well enough power and good throttle response. It weights a bit more than 18 g. I have to verify the pinion I used, but I think it was 19 (126p) Attached the ICS settings I used, this was just fast tuning, I will try different pinions and settings later.

Anyway I was happy to it, and got below 8 second times on the PNWC track, but it is clear that this rear dampening solution is starting to be at its limits with this motor.

2013.12.05, 08:35 AM
Hey guys,
just came accross this thread after I posted in the buggy forum...

So I suppose to do this conversion on the MB-010, one just needs to buy the VE RC unit and attempt the conversion to see just what is involved?

Thus far, it sounds like the differences between the VE RC unit and the standard MR-03 RC unit are as follows:

1. PCB of VE is slightly larger.
-What about mounting holes? Are they in the same location?

2. is the servo motor the same as the standard unit?

I think PN makes an aftermarket motor that fits on their alloy mounts. Don't know about the buggy though..

Thanks for being the guinea pig arch. I may try my hand at a buggy conversion, but I wanted a bit more info first...


2013.12.05, 08:57 AM

just realized that the buggy PCB is a triangular shaped two piece. No way the VE PCB will fit without major modifications...