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2013.03.25, 02:32 AM
Hi all,

I was just wondering if there's anybody making decals for mini-z bodies. I tried to buy decals for my Audi R8 LMS and Porsche 911 GT3 at pattosplace.com but the bodies are not exactly true in scale - I found that they are 1/28 scale in length but 1/24 scale in width (the decals wouldn't work).

If anybody has any info, I would appreciate it.

BTW, I was looking for elaborate decals, like this:

2013.03.27, 09:20 AM
I have been hunting around for some also and have not found anything.

Have you considered making your own decals ?
I am going to try it very soon, currently stripping paint off a Porsche, ordered the testors decal paper.

I got inspired after visiting this site and seeing this car below. He has some instructions on how he did it......



2013.03.27, 09:45 AM
You can ask for sizing to fit mini-z at Pattos Place. I'm about to do that exact Audi among other interesting race livery finishes and for the most part they've been a decent fit with no real dramas for application

2013.03.27, 09:59 AM
if he does do that, let me know, when i asked him last he's not catering to mini z anymore

2013.03.27, 01:53 PM
My past 2 orders have been asked for mini z sizing and response has been "no problem". I'm assembling decals for my Arrows F1 and my only problem is making decals work for a body not shaped correctly (McLaren 2010 whitebody has more flow distributors than the Arrowsof2001).

2013.03.27, 03:47 PM
finding nice waterslide decal sets for mini-z (1/28) is so frustrating, i've had some luck with 1/24 and 1/32 scalextric decals but there's always a comprimise and choice is a problem.i did a monster energy impreza hatch back recently using a decal set for a 1/24 scale ford focus, as it turned out all i could really use was the '46's' dividing the yellow and black, the monster claws and lettering were way too big so i used those from another set of older decals also on a 1/24 scale sheet but with various sizes so i got lucky but it's hard work scourcing decals for replica paint jobs.

good luck with your search dude


2013.03.27, 06:06 PM
Most of mine are from Pattos place also. I narrowed it down to using 1/32 scale size which works best all around for me.:)

2013.03.27, 08:40 PM
I found a place on the web that makes waterproof vinyl decal paper for ink jet printers. I'm going to test it out soon using photoshop to make my own graphics.


2013.03.27, 10:33 PM
Well, some of Pattos decals will work with a mini-z body, unfortunately that audi livery, in particular, won't. On liveries were there's a defined shape, like a hood; door; trunk; or when it is a wrap-around livery (case of the 2012 Bathurst Audi R8), Pattos decals won't work very well - they won't fit perfectly and you will end-up butchering the livery. This is not Pattos fault, it is a problem with the mini-z bodies, they are not proportionally scaled.

Btw, I have ordered papilio decal paper in the past - I don't recommend it - the white background paper is very translucent. I've been ordering from beldecal.com for some time now - much better stuff.

2013.05.02, 02:56 AM
was looking around and found this...

click here for more info (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=444905#post444905)

at least we now know that it can be done... hope this helps... good luck

2014.07.01, 03:30 PM
I just painted my first mini-z body (Audi R8) and I was wondering if you guys apply the decals before or after the clear coat? I used Pattos decals and he doesn't recommend spray clear coats over his decals, he reccommends Future wax.

Now I am a slot car guy too and I think the mini-z's can get banged up more than a slot car and I'm wondering if there is anything else that will protect the body?

One other thing, I used decal solvent to pull the decals to surface contours, but I found the glue on the decals wasn't very strong. I touched the decals while testing the underside of the car with clear coat about 4 days after applying them, and one of them stuck to my finger! I guess I should have been more careful, but I don't recall this happening in my model building days.


2014.07.01, 06:45 PM
I can say i always use Pattos and always put them on top of clearcoat. Never a problem and they take a beating. ;)

2014.07.01, 08:08 PM
I use Pattos decals to good effect.

I mostly use Microscale Industries MicroSol and MicroSet for additional bonding but some don't need it. It depends on body shape....

I spray Future through my airbrush and get good shine with decent durability. I have tried other clearcoats and have had decal melt from the clear having a chemical reaction. MicroScale also has a clear coat which works but isn't as nice a finish as Future

2014.07.01, 11:05 PM
greetings runci aka neil... what livery are you going to lay down on your r8? i've heard and seen some great cars with pato's decals on them... but unfortunately i haven't had the chance to try them...

if you aren't too particular, you could try using 1/24 tamiya decals... i purchased a couple of surplus sheets from a local hobby shop... i've used them before and they are great waterslide decals... i usually spray tamiya clear coat to preserve them..
the thing is... they are 1/24 scale and they are a bit bigger than the kyosho autoscales (1/27ish)... take a look at my signature ---> click here to see herman's cars, to see some of the creations i've been able to do...

dunno if tamiya came out with any 1/24 r8 decals though... good luck and pls do post a pic of your work... i'm looking forward to seeing it... :D

2015.06.21, 05:50 PM
i will agree with Pattos, great product. i love the clear vinyl sets as they are simple and easy to apply vs. needing a sealer, dealing with waterslide, etc.

2015.07.24, 09:05 AM
once complaint about Patto's website, no search at all. a key word search of the collection would be so helpful in quickly finding sets vs. looking alphabetical and scrolling. great product, absolute cheapest website, which if you sell by the net, is surprising.

2015.07.24, 11:58 AM
Your right....great decals and selection. Takes a lot of searching tho.;)

2015.07.24, 12:59 PM
The whole search thing is tedious but that is how I have found some of the neatest things. I'm sure when he started the whole decal thing was an afterthought since he is a "slot" guy so he just went with it. Try going through the photo gallery. I believe that they are in numerical order first photo to last. I have an F-1 body in there that I did up for a friend several years ago. Now I can't even find it. It is like the mid 900's or something. Anyway, for a great source with reasonable pricing and really quick shipping considering the geographical difference not to mention his willingness to cater to our eccentric's with a variety of peel and sticks for every application plus waterslides for inside clear(lexan) as well as ABS bodies. Tough act to follow.

2018.07.29, 05:59 PM
When ordering decals from Pattos for F1, what scale is best?

2018.07.29, 06:19 PM
1/24 does the trick since the cars are larger.

2018.07.30, 10:38 AM
When ordering decals from Pattos for F1, what scale is best?

Patto just printed some for me, and he will custom scaled them to 1:27.

I just ordered a couple sets, should be here any day.

Just re-read your question, and my answer might not be relevant for F1, since you were asking what the scale actually is. I guess if you know the exact scale, he can make it that way.

As far as searching on his site, one thing I found helps is to kind of understand his file naming and abbreviations (Aud, Prsche, etc), and then just do a text search under the letter of what you're looking for.

One big word of warning: the Audi R8 GT car didn't come out until 2006. I accidentally ordered a set of decals for 2001 R8 in Gulf livery, but it's for the LMP R8 car.