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2013.03.26, 10:35 AM
I searched but didn't find any info on how these are being installed.

How are you guys installing the window in the white bodies? shoe goo? CA? just using the pins? Your help is appreciated, thanks.

2013.03.26, 11:58 AM
Subscribed! I too am interested in learning what people are doing. Landon installed a Lexan window in my F430 last month and just used CA in a few key spots.

2013.03.26, 12:04 PM
I cut the window into separate pieces then super glue them in. But make sure you use foam safe glue or it will fog up the lexan.

2013.03.26, 12:25 PM
ouch, that is a tedious process.... i simply trim it down the the edge with a small lip and a couple dabs of walthers goo holds it in place. i have to say however, PN lexan windows do not fit as well as Atomic nor are they as clear and clean. as lexan window is lexan window, it never stopped me but the R8 for example is a very poor fit.

2013.03.26, 03:26 PM
In my R8 I have the PN lexan window, as Arch says its not a great fit, takes a lot of fiddling. I also trimmed it to a small lip and drilled out the holes for the pins at the frontand cut out the slots in the back. It still has gaps though. I used a thick CV glue to stick it down and then sprayed it with a black tint.

2013.03.26, 05:26 PM
Trim window out, leaving small edge all around.
Drill holes for small pins molded in body...if needed.
I use Zap for plastics. Glue at more vital places. i will use cloth pins at certain spot to hold areas in place..if needed.
Keep a small fan on it while drying to help eliminate fogging.
I use lexan window tint on inside to look better.:)

2013.03.26, 07:20 PM
I usually cut away an area where the roof goes and tape there. My window stays put for quite a while before I have to retape.

2013.03.27, 08:41 PM
ok this has been a long time coming and i have been meaning to share some info about this but i have been busy:o
for the most part it is an exact replica of the original window
the way that i install is to first:
drill out all original mounting holes where the pins stick thru
next i cut all excess from the main area of the window to replicate the stock window i.e.i cut out the roof area and any area that does not exist on the stock window! also cutting a slight relief cut in each window pillar

on the bottom of the side windows windows i leave 1 or 2 mm of excess below the window
then test fit making sure that it lines up as good as it can!

as far as attaching the window i just use a solder pen to melt the plastic pins STARTING AT THE ROOF! then to the front and then to the rear!
as for the excess i melt it to the body below the window creating a seal all the way around the car:D

2013.03.27, 09:06 PM
thats an interesting way of doing it :) have any pictures?

2013.03.27, 10:03 PM
thats an interesting way of doing it :) have any pictures?

i will take some pics tomorrow when im at the track!.. btw... my r8 fits well... maybe even better than my mosler:)

2013.03.28, 12:51 AM
Yasuji - You are a genius! Um..hold on.. That's got to be like an hour, or 2 even, from prep to finish detail... Yasuji - You are a madman!! From all us fellow Madmen in Mini-Z: We love you brother!:D:D:p

Seriously though bro, thank you for sharing the great idea. I'm sure many of us will follow in your footsteps. It just sounds so much more minimal and flexible. All-out perfection, every detail a piece in the puzzle that wins races and PNWC's especially.

Great idea too, really detailed... :D

2013.03.28, 09:49 AM
looks like I'm not the only one wondering how to install them. thanks for everyone for posting up about it.

I'd love to see some pictures of them installed with all the different methods Post up some pictures if you have them, If not Get them.. :D

2013.03.28, 01:27 PM
that melting the plastic is ingenious and i was thinking about this with broken body parts last night when i got home as well. cant wait to see pics

2013.03.28, 05:37 PM
here is my typical installation using walthers goo.

2013.03.28, 06:18 PM
That Walthers Goo is good stuff!
My dad used that for many years on his model railroads.

2013.03.28, 09:30 PM
this is my plastic welded windows!

2013.10.11, 07:33 PM
never mind