View Full Version : Protected PDF Files

2013.03.30, 09:10 PM
i am working on some wallpaper designs in photoshop (new to photoshop) and want to get some png with transparent background layers with kyosho exploded view line drawings. it appears all the kyosho PDF files are protected that prevent me from placing in a photoshop file. is there any way around this?

what i'm looking to do is remove the blank page (white) leaving a transparent background so i can use this layer in photoshop over other work.

2013.03.30, 09:44 PM
You need to download vector magic. It will let you separate the image into all it's parts. Then you can delete what you don't want. It will also let you save as any type of file you like.

2013.03.30, 09:52 PM
that online service will not work with PDF and the PC version is several $100 dollars. the trial will not save.

2013.03.30, 10:06 PM
Torrent it. Or send me the file you need converted and I will do it for you.