View Full Version : Autoscale prices going down ?!?

2013.04.01, 10:55 AM
I just noticed that Hobby Japan has listed a bunch of Autoscale Bodies for $26 and $36 Dollars on eBay. Even the new ones are listed as much as $42. Is this an isolated event or have you guys noticed that elsewhere ?

2013.04.01, 11:06 AM
Wow. You must scour Ebay as religiously as i do.
I saw the same thing this morning and had the same thought.
The $27 bodies do seem to be the older ones so they may just be clearing some old stock out.

2013.04.01, 11:45 AM
FYI, wholesale prices, at least from Kyosho America have not changed. There have been a couple of times a few bodies were overstocked and were a steel, but on the whole, status quo.

2013.04.01, 01:02 PM
as mentioned, kyosho may simply be clearancing overstock. no one wants to have lots of overhead, including kyosho. kyosho usa has done this before as well.

2013.04.01, 01:22 PM
Well... You gotta love overstock :-)

And WorldClassZ, yes I do monitor eBay several times a day :-) I'm always looking for a new body to grow mine 600+ ASC collection :-p

2013.04.02, 10:14 PM
According to Kyosho Japan as part of they're anniversary in 2013 they are promoting an autoscale campaign with 30 specially priced bodies.


2013.04.03, 06:25 AM
sorry, don't buy into that at all, sounds like spin advertising for 'clearance sale' if you look at the pattern of choice in autoscales selected. if it were truly something special i think they would have put more care into the selection and selected autoscales that were not widely available or re-released multiple times. there are still a few that have never been re-released.

2013.04.06, 01:11 AM
Clearly a clearance sale to get rid of overstock. my 2 cents
I'm happy to know there is a guy on earth as sick as I am, Alex :D

2013.04.07, 10:11 PM
Me too optima forever :-)

2013.04.09, 10:46 PM
re posted from the cost of autoscales (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38941&highlight=autoscale+prices) thread

just came back from a short trip from homg kong and posted some pics in the new autoscales for 2013 thread... one thing i forgot to mention... hong kong autoscale prices...

due to the circumstances... it was late, and the shop that i went to was the only shop that was open (this was the same shop where i bought my mr03 when they first came out... i purchased the last one they had... and oddly again i was one of the last customers in the shop)

i guess i should get to the shops earlier next time... but i digress...

over the years, i remember autoscale body pricing to go nothing but up...
hong kong dollars / approx. u.s. dollars
150 / 19
180 / 23
200 / 25
220 / 28
250 / 32
300 / 38
310 / 40
350 / 45

although i know it is a lot cheaper in h.k., prices have indeed gone up... older bodies however are a lot cheaper 200-250 range... last year one shop was offering an autoscale for 100hkd... should of kicked myself in the butt for not taking it even though it wasn't a body that i liked...

a couple of years back when the mclaren longtail (lark) came out... one shop that had it (actually it was the only shop where i saw one) priced it at 350hkd (almost 100hkd more than what the other current bodies cost at the time) ... crazy i thought to myself... who would buy them at that price? i was pretty sure that the price would definitely go down to the 'regular' 200-250hkd price after a couple of months... i figure it was a 'who wants it right now' price and the law of supply and demand kinda played a role somewhere

who would've known that pricing these days would reach that level??? and yep you all could call me crazy for purchasing them.... probably if the other shops were open, i could have compared prices... but in this particular instance... i guess i had no choice... yep you can call me crazy again (don't know when i'll be back again, and knowing current prices out of h.k., i'd be crazy not to purchase them)

probably 3-5 months after, when the 'new' bodies are a bit older, and not so 'new'... i believe prices would have gone down, to the level of the 'older' bodies...

perhaps on my next trip... or who knows... maybe pricing will stay at the current 350? i'm crossing my fingers they don't....

oh how i wish prices would come down... since that's what i do mostly now... collect bodies....