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2013.04.02, 08:22 AM

This is my first time posting though I have lurked for years (since 2007). I was/am an xmod enthusiast who just purchased my first mini z an AM MA-010 off ebay last week. Actually I bought 2 but dont tell my wife...

The first thing I have to say is Wow... I no longer enjoy driving any of my xmods anymore. The control is just superb. Stock out of the box the mini z destroys my heavily modified xmods in every respect except flat out speed. ( and price )

For all my time lurking though it occurs that there are a few practical maters that I completely neglected to learn and so the point of my post:


1: How do you mount tires on mini z cars and keep them aligned with the wheel?

2: Is the PN Speedy AWD III too much for stock AM board? It only has 1x2 3010s.

3: Which is a better transmitter, the KT-2 or KT -5 and why?

4: What do you guys use for lube ? I have heard graphite, bicycle chain wax, silicon iol, even pinesol.

5: Can you help me find a post that explains wheel offsets, toe angles etc

6: Whats the difference between the numbers of tires 10, 40, 80 ?

7: what is the SP chassis? What does it mean?

8: Are graphite parts the same as carbon fiber?

These are really stupid questions I know but help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

2013.04.02, 09:11 AM
Welcome! I have not owned an AWD in years so ill leave the answers to the experts. Just wanted to welcome you to the mini-z family.

Only stupid question is the question not asked :)

2013.04.02, 09:43 AM
1. tyre tape
2. yes it will be fine
3 kt-2,better feel and quality. Also the kt2 can reverse the channels too
4 i use nano bearing lube for bearings etc...
5 use the search fynction :)
6 the lower the number,the softer the tyre.
7 its the upgrade chassis,stronger and more flexible than stock.

2013.04.02, 09:54 AM
1. There is a thin double sided tape as a basic way to hold tires aligned. You can also glue them but its a bit more permanent.

2. Not sure about the speedy AWD...you'll want to be careful with the extra loads of the drivetrain and stock AM fets.

3. Don't think there's much of a difference between 2 and 5. As long as you have some dual rate adjustment and steering/throttle centering adjustment.

4. Lube for what? You need to be a bit more specific....

5. There is an offset chart around here somewhere...

6. The softer the tire(grippier) the lower the number.

7. I don't recall what SP stands for but it's a bit more durable plastic chassis.

8. Graphite is a carbon/epoxy mix, sort of like carbon fibre and for this scale durable enough.

Welcome to the forum. :)

2013.04.02, 10:58 AM
9. Supply your location so other Mini-Zers can find you to possibly race with you? ;)

If you're close to a club, you'll learn a ton about these cars real quick! The website here is excellent and there are some extremely dedicated people here to help you with every little issue you can find... but nothing beats giving a willing veteran tuner/racer your car for 10 minutes! :D

2013.04.02, 11:27 AM
First, I would like to thank everyone for their speed and kindness in replies.

I am located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Lube for bearings and gears. Do you lube diffs?

2013.04.02, 11:36 AM
I am the local club... :(

The nearest hobby shop is over 3 hours away.

2 years ago I used to live in Chicago and this sport is much more plentiful there.

I have watched many youtube videos, and I am no where near that good (but I am a pretty good drifter :cool:) but then again xmods precison dont really lend themselves to improving skill. You run in to the equipment limit quite early.

I cant get over how much better the steering on a mini z is than an xmod.

5 minutes out of the box and i had the scandinavian flick down. :D

2013.04.02, 12:57 PM
Is ASF really that much better than AM?

2013.04.02, 12:58 PM
1: already covered. both Kyosho nad PN sell tire tape. the Kyosho route246 tape is generally preferred brand. Atomic may make tape bu i only buy R246 so never really spent a lot of time on the issue.
2: if your ever really concerned, a FET upgrade and be done fairly cheaply by members here that offer their services. your stack is limited by available space on the bottom of the board.
3: KT-5 being the newer one ? no difference really. see post on ability to reverse channels from kryten. they both have the same options for adjustment. it really comes down to preference, comfort and feel. many loved the feel of the old model KT-2.
4: already covered or will be.
5: a very good basic beginners thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29959). camber/caster thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29991&highlight=camber+caster). toe-in/toe-out thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28028).
6: already covered.
7: already covered.
8: already covered.

2013.04.02, 01:39 PM
Is ASF really that much better than AM?

in short, yes. is it perfect, no.

ASF 2.4 rid everyone of the constant need to find an open channel frequency and with the u.s. limit at 12 from kyosho, it wasn't always easy.

2.4 suffers from less interference from outside sources. it's still possible and it does happen but with far less frequency.

2.4 PCB boards have more refined architecture and quality which has improved steering/throttle sensitivity and precision.

most 2.4 baord stock, are less prone to frying FETs. it still happens though. I've burnt FETs in every single 2.4 racer i've ever owned. it may be that my pit box is simply cursed but it just happens to me.

2.4 has it's own bag of bugs as well. you can have difficulty pairing the radio or have it loose connection, mostly when in a crowded mini-z zone. the first 2.4 PCB boards had an akward reverse delay that has since been reduced or eliminated. 2.4 F1 cars are prone to getting the shakes and glitching for reasons we have yet to fully understand. some never have problems, some always do. another mystery in the universe. transmitters for 2.4 are generally not cheap. the stock KT-18 is generally disliked by all and is greatly over priced.

all in all, the move to 2.4 is a good one as it makes enjoying them in large groups so much easier. it really refined the ability to tune the car beyond am setting options. your simply trading x for y when it comes to bugs in the system though.

2013.04.02, 03:13 PM
The kt2 is a much better transmitter,the only difference apart from looks is that the channels are reversable on the kt2,this is a function the kt5 does NOT have.

2013.04.02, 03:19 PM
thanks for pointing that out. it's been some time since i've used an AM transmitter:o

2013.04.02, 05:18 PM
KT2, dual rate at your thumb! Much better than the KT5 in my book.

2.4? Yes, but within reason. If I was a loner bashing and drifting the basement... as long as it was a fetted board, the glitching wouldn't bug me too much. If you work at it, you can get rid of a majority of the glitch on an AM. 2.4 is awesome though, just takes the control a bit further.

The PN AWD motor, as with any motor that is an upgrade, it raises your risks on the AM board. The motor won't kill it alone though. If you get some kind of constant drivetrain interference, those 3010s will sizzle eventually!

And as far as the F1 glitch goes Ray... what glitch? ;)

Gluestick is magical stuff! :D

2013.04.03, 07:04 AM
seems like everything has been tackled... Welcome to the forums :D

+2 on the kt-2 for the reasons pointed out earlier:
- dual rate near your thumb (try adjusting your dual rate using the kt-5 while driving)
- throttle & steering reverse (can't do this on the kt-5)

2013.04.04, 10:49 AM
I really thank you all for your graciousness. This is the first forum I have ever particiapated in on any subject where there wasn't instant vitrolic flaming. (That includes professional doctorate forums which is very odd to see super educated people act like children)

I have one last question: Who one the forum does FET upgrades? I have an MA-010 I got off ebay for parts, it turns out it is completely functional except for fried FETS.

2013.04.04, 11:36 AM
think of it like family, not all get along all the time but in the end, still there for each other :p

here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38763&highlight=FET+SERVICE) and here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33049&highlight=FET+SERVICE) are the two that immediately come to mind.

2013.04.04, 12:48 PM
I've found that well-educated has nothing to do with wisdom levels or how brightly one will shine on a personal level.

I don't know what it is but this scale attracts some of the most laid-back, fun-loving racers I've ever encountered in any type of RC.

Except for Ray (arch2b)... he's way too serious! ;)

see... we can flame away too! :o

2013.04.08, 03:35 PM
How many of you guys race Ma-010s vs mr-03s?

2013.04.08, 06:56 PM
our club does...we find that a certain power level (fets+motor type) and cars can race in a mixed class together without too much difference. (except for one members Brushless AWD which is unbelieveably balanced and nimble even at a similar power rate)

If you're by yourself, I wouldnt stress about ASF...It's a great upgrade for when youre in a club with many racers running on track and teching at the same time.

Mike Keely
2013.04.08, 07:11 PM
MR03's all the way. The 4 wheel drives are hard to keep the tires the same size all the time. With the tires being a different size from front to rear the tires end up fighting each other when they are not the same size. The 2 wheel drives are more consistent from run to run. Just my 2 cents. :eek:

2013.04.15, 01:15 PM
So can you use Xmod tires on mini Z? I have a ton of xmods tires...

2013.07.22, 12:51 AM
wow,thanx for sharing,I'm new member of this forum,and I didn't think that I could get lots information when I just step in to say hello~thanx guys

2013.07.22, 02:10 AM
welcome to the forums too... :D
if you have any questions, try the search button (your question may have been answered before), if it doesn't show up, it probably means that it wasn't asked before.... so ask away... :D