View Full Version : AutoMicro Sunday Series

2013.04.03, 02:01 PM
AutoMicro is going to be racing on two Sundays this month. The first of our Sunday races will take place on April 14th. For the first race me and my co-worker are going to try and provide the racers with free donuts. We are in the planning phases of doing some track modifications which will hopefully be ready for the 14th.


2013.04.03, 04:25 PM
Doors will be open at 10am, racing will start an hour later.

If anyone wants to race modified, we will facilitate that.

2013.04.09, 06:32 PM
Only 5 days left until the Auto Micro Sunday Drive!

It's been great to see people getting as excited as I am about this event! :D We've had a few more people than normal coming out to get practice on the track and try out the new elevated section. No guarantees, but I hope to get another elevated section complete later this week ;) After we get the elevated sections complete and settled, we will shift our focus to making the track more aesthetically pleasing :cool:

2013.04.12, 11:58 AM
Only a few more days until we rock the racetrack for the first race of our Sunday Series! If the Sunday races prove to be a hit with the racers my hopes are that we can do some championship series and some trophy races over the summer. :cool: