View Full Version : Tires includes with Autoscale bodies

2013.04.15, 03:24 PM
I was totally impressed when I saw the Kyosho Abarth bodies included 30 degree tires front and rear, they work great on RCP out of the box. Today I received my S.Leob 2011 WRC DS3 today and it has 50 degree tires included, rather hard overall.
Is there some method to Kyosho's madness when it comes to the included tires? I figured all newer bodies got good usable tires and expected 30s.

2013.04.17, 03:52 PM
Is there some method to Kyosho's madness

Since nobody else wants to say it :D

None whatsoever

2013.04.17, 03:59 PM
was your abarth a special edition in anay way? a race-ready version or limited run?

2013.04.17, 04:09 PM
Just an off the shelf Abarth, my friend Grant's Abarth(different part #) also included 30s.

I did fire up the body last night on an AWD chassis. I gave the 50 tires a shot on RCP and am now wondering if perhaps someone at Kyosho did have a plan when they included them. No question that they lack grip but I was able to do laps with them and do some great power slides and on-power corner drifts. Perhaps they wanted the driver to feel like they were on loose gravel when racing on RCP.
After my brief foray with drifting and sliding I went back to the grip side and settled on 30 rears and 40 fronts, it is now turning some respectable laps.

2013.04.17, 05:35 PM
no rhyme or reason... it seems to change periodically. must be whatever they have in bulk supply.