View Full Version : Mounting the Batmobile body on MR-015

2013.04.16, 05:35 PM

Now that I've gotten my MR-015 running ASF I've been driving around with my narrow bodies, but I can't seem to extend/raise the chassis!

Basically the Batmobile, with its odd shape, is mounted with the chassis angled downwards, raising the rear end. So the manual calls for an extension piece mounted between the RM motor mount and T-plate. Not only does this piece extend the rear end, but also raises the motor pod so the wheels sit properly in the wheel wells. without the extension piece (and, say installing a MM pod instead) the rear end will be jacked way up.

The dummy chassis has an extension plate but it doesn't look like it's meant for actual running as it won't fit in the motor pod (tried many orientations) nor does it have enough for the screws to thread into (to hold the T-plate). Also, it looks different than the one in the manual (the one in the manual looks beefier). There's no mention of removing the piece from the dummy chassis nor does it require you to purchase this extender piece.

I bought this from TinyRC last year and all it came with was a lug nut wrench adapter and machine guns in a separate bag.

Does anyone have experience mounting the Batmobile body on a chassis? Is this Autoscale missing something? Was I supposed to purchase an extender piece?

I know it's a collector's piece so I'd drive it with care, but I'd like it to do more than just sit there and collect dust in a box...