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2013.04.20, 07:08 PM
Hey Gang,

This is my new page to show off my (mostly) unique collection of Mini-Z bodies.

For the longest time I've been longing for something different from the race bodies most show up with and the deciding factor was one day there was 4 of the same Ferrari 360/430 Ecosse shells on the track at the same time (including mine). I find it distracting so i figured it's time to start some shells no-one will usually see at the track.

First up was a collaberation job with myself (decals) and hrdrvr (paint and clearcoat). I saw this representation of the Honda HSV online at nogripracing and though that i had to do it.

Repsol Honda SuperGT

The following is a loose represetnation of the Arrows A23 F1 from the 2001 F1 Championship. The team principal (Tom Walkinshaw) is sort of a hero of mine for being a true underdog privateer (and since Jordan was liscensed by Kyosho and Minardi was all black paint I chose this one)

Arrows A23

These next three are recently finished. I thought this thread would be a good place to show off before they get ravaged by racing...:D

Castrol Toyota Supra 1995 (I know it's liscensed but try to find one for less than $100 that you want to race)

Marlboro Porsche 911GT1 1995

Farnbacher Racing Hankook Ferrari 458 GT2(my pride and joy of the bunch)

I have a couple more coming down the pipes and I'm also searching for white bodies that i can buy to reproduce some interesting race liveries.

Thanks for viewing and comments welcome (just don't point out too many flaws, though:D)

2013.04.20, 07:38 PM
nice job on them. i to prefer something unique, which is why i had phases with the mini-zracer theme, fluorescent lighting theme and now maryland pride. keep up the work and look forward to seeing them as they are being done/completed :cool:

2013.04.20, 09:11 PM
OMG I love that Hankook theme! Makes me want to bring out my Hankook S15 autoscale. I guess I might as well since it has already sustained some race damage, no sense in trying to preserve it any longer.

How long does it take you to do one of these up? I wouldn't have the heart to race them if I put so much effort into them.

2013.04.20, 09:24 PM
They're all amazing work! Really like the 458, but the Porsche makes me wanna step out and burn one! :D

Awesome job! Excellent race themes!

2013.04.20, 10:05 PM
They are not just race themes they are copies of actual competitors in various catagories. Google them to see the actual racers.

They take a couple afternoons of easy paint and decal application. As for fear of using them I say if they get damaged beyond usage it'll give me the incentive to do new ones.

2013.04.20, 10:50 PM
You must be the one who leaves all the paint rub marks on my bodies, lol.

Excellent work, when you leave tomorrow make sure the F1 car is in your bag cause if it finds its way into mine I'm gonna take it home!

btw, really looking forward to the Abarth...

2013.04.20, 11:35 PM
All look good. Look forward to seeing more.:)

2013.04.20, 11:43 PM
what do you use to create the decals?

2013.04.21, 07:56 AM
I used my ability to shop online at Pattos Place.

The guy has a great selection and I've asked to resize a bit for 1/28....no problems

2013.05.04, 07:21 PM
In the past 2 weeks I've placed orders for almost $200 worth of decal sets to start the next 2 rounds of one-off creations. (I'm hooked on this aspect of mini-z'ing!)

That and a bevy of white bodies from my favorite mini-z fix and we are going to have some cool race liveries presented soon.

2013.05.04, 07:29 PM
In the past 2 weeks I've placed orders for almost $200 worth of decal sets to start the next 2 rounds of one-off creations. (I'm hooked on this aspect of mini-z'ing!)

That and a bevy of white bodies from my favorite mini-z fix and we are going to have some cool race liveries presented soon.

You know I'm looking forward to it!

2013.05.04, 08:12 PM
Have fun. Always been one of my favorite part of Zing!!:)

2013.05.25, 12:46 PM
My Group B inspired Alitalia Fiat Abarth...a bit beat already due to running a test session without clearcoat but it won't stay nice anyways.


I'm really digging these creations. I'm making progress on 2 other bodies but it's slow becasue i have to find the right diluted balance for the Micro-Sol to get minimal wrinkles in the body wrap type decals. When i get it I'll have a couple of rare finishes...

2013.05.25, 01:44 PM
It looks killer! Let the on track battles begin!

2013.05.31, 09:46 PM
Not quite a one-off (since herman showed us someone else's) but i have to tell you this one was the most stressful finish to date. By careful cutting of the body wrap style decals i made them conform almost perfectly to the shape of the Audi.

The coolest part is that i actually met one of the drivers of this (full sized of course) race car. Craig Lowndes (races in Aussie V8 full time) was one of three drivers driving this in the 12hrs of Bathurst/Mt. Panorama. He was here in Whistler mountainbiking after a very successful weekend at the Austin GP for 888 RedBull Racing.

Craig Lowndes is to my left and among the 888 crew shown is Casey Stoner (far right)


Phoenix Racing Audi R8 GT3 (the Redback Spider):

Just have to clearcoat and it's ready for track action!

2013.05.31, 11:19 PM
Where is the "buy it now" button? I need one.

2013.06.01, 05:18 PM
thanks buddy...as you know if you have an idea for a MR-XX car shell you're more than welcome to let me know.

Your choice of the Ferrari 248F1 shell is going to match well with your choice of F1 finishes.;)

2013.06.07, 09:29 AM
Finished...Daishin Ferrari f430 from the 2009 SuperGT300 class:


comparison shot...i found only one decal that wasnt to scale so it got moved to a different location on the body. I found otherwise the paint color and decal set to come out quite nice...


I'll be moving on to a difficult finish for an F1 body and a classic NSX that will be a prize for an upcoming mini-z event.:D

edit: funny how my phone shot looks clear yet when placed on photobucket it is slightly off focus...weird)

2013.06.08, 06:01 PM
A better (less blurry) pic of my Daishin F430:


I think I found the right wheelset to use for the Phoenix Racing R8:


2013.06.09, 05:05 AM
Very good, now we just need to get some wheels made that match the style of the real thing. :)

2013.06.09, 06:18 AM
nice work :D

2013.07.24, 05:50 AM
very good quality work!!!

2013.08.09, 03:27 PM
thanks all for the kind words...

My latest creation has really tested my resolve for this artform. I had so many minor malfunctions while trying to complete this I wondered if the whitebody in question was cursed or created on a friday the 13th or something...:D

Some things i learned that is worth sharing:

1. If the products "Microset" and "Microsol" sit in liquid pools on a body painted with acrylic too long it can strip the paint...had it happen in a couple places and only a few of the m could be repaired.

2. When painting black you need to be extra careful of the curing time. Even though I left the body for 20-24hrs after black i still somehow got a fingerprint or two in it. It may have to do with the products above as well but I'm not entirely sure.

3. For future reference I think it's best when doing F1 whitebodies to finish the paint, assemble then add decals...I went paint, decal and assemble and i think handling all the parts at the end can only add to the mishap quotient (wound up placing decals upside down due to not visualizing how parts assembled):o.

4. I had it in mind to try 2 new things on this and was not able to get the needed skill to do it. I had hoped to try scale CF finish but couldnt find a mesh small enough and wanted to hand paint the helmet to match a real racing driver...didnt have brushes small enough so i decided on painting R.Doornbos' Dutch Flag colors instead.

the following body is a close representation of the Minardi F1 team from 2005. The PS05 shell reproduce here has taken a few liberties with the final due to it being created on a Ferrari whitebody. I figured i might as well incorporate some airflow addendum not found on the PS05 and add some decal work to represent sponsors a bit better.:D Rear wing is not shown due to me not having any way of mounting it.

Paul Stoddart (owner/principal of Minardi F1) would be proud to see his PS05 recreated for a BL-F1...hope you enjoy it, Steve.



2013.08.09, 03:37 PM
It looks freaking awesome! Counting the minutes until I get to mount it on the chassis.

and it will be the fastest Minardi to ever drive...

2013.08.09, 08:16 PM
Thanks Steve...glad you like it even with the few blemishes.

Onto some other bodies soon:

McLaren F1GT started paint
2-F1's waiting
Ferrari 458
Honda NSX
2 redos for SC430's

Found another source for SuperGT decals now that my last choice was a fail.

2013.08.10, 07:19 PM
great work! have you tried pato's place? they scale down decals to fit the mini-z scale.
haven't had any experience with them personally, but seen some pics of their decals and cars with them on...

2013.08.10, 07:24 PM
link to sample car with pato's decals (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37994&highlight=PATO%27s+place+decals)

2013.08.10, 07:26 PM
Link to pato's place decals (http://www.pattosplace.com/)

2013.08.12, 01:15 PM
The assembled car (looking pretty darn good!)


2013.08.12, 04:11 PM
looks awesome.
Need tire stickers!

2013.08.12, 09:07 PM
great work! have you tried pato's place? they scale down decals to fit the mini-z scale.
haven't had any experience with them personally, but seen some pics of their decals and cars with them on...

I've used Pattos pretty much exclusively up to this point. I've started branching out to some others but Pattos has the hugest selection.

Thanks for the photo, Steve.

2013.08.12, 09:29 PM
Bodies all look fantastic!! Great work. Looking forward to doing some custom bodies myself in the very near future. Keep them coming.

2013.08.13, 01:50 AM
Wow! Forget tire stickers, stencil on the logos! :)

2013.08.13, 08:23 AM
The assembled car (looking pretty darn good!)


love this F1, very well executed

2013.10.19, 05:54 PM
After 4 repaints, issues with the Chrome paint bonding and dealing with scale issues of the decals I am finished the "cursed" Eneos Lexus SC430 superGT 2008...7.5 out of 10 at best due to all my woes listed above.


i will never again try to get an awesome finish on a used body...too much effort.:p

2013.10.19, 08:27 PM
Still looks good. The work was worth it.

2013.10.19, 11:25 PM
Still looks great!

but its no spider R8.........

2013.10.21, 10:22 AM
keep making more! how much does one decal sheet usually run you? i'm looking into completing the rest of the 2001-2003 JGTC series that Kyosho missed out.

quality work on the Eneos!

2013.10.23, 08:59 AM
Thanks for the kind words...

A sheet of decals varies between $20-$25usd and I use two locations almost exclusively. Check out pattosplace and mediamixhobby...you'll likely find what you need from one of them

I have 7 bodies and 2 F1 waiting...no stopping now!

2013.11.25, 02:26 PM
2 completed of 3 worked on in the past little while:

Jacadi McLaren F1GT (1995 GT2)


Farnbacher ESET Racing Ferrari 458 (ADAC Masters 2012)


The one that I'll post tomorrow is probably the most difficult I've done with a hood decal in 16 parts to mold to body irregularities...stay tuned.

2013.11.25, 06:31 PM
Nice work as usual. :)

2013.11.27, 10:44 AM
H.I.S Advan Nissan GTR SuperGT2010


hood decal in 16 parts didnt really work as hoped due to it being a scale issue and I spilled my decal softener on the piece as I was trying to apply...a careful multi day approach couldnt be done so all applied within a 30min stretch.:( Otherwise i'm pleased with the results.

Onto the toughest body finish to date and a couple surprises for the F1 and endurance racing fan in all of us.

2013.11.27, 12:08 PM
Awesome as always! Hope the weather allows you to join us this weekend.

2014.03.17, 01:46 PM
Here are two quick cellphone shots of a second R8 Phoenix Racing Spider body that Derek did up for me. I am a very proud owner!!!


2014.03.17, 06:28 PM
Love it! Always looks good. :)

2014.03.18, 09:46 PM
Thanks for the pics, TheSteve. I forgot to grab a couple shots of that one.

I should have a couple Lexus SuperGT done soon.

2014.03.25, 02:13 PM
Denso Sard Lexus SuperGT 2007(still need to clearcoat):



A few miniscule paint errors but my best finish to date. I think i'm going to build a photo booth now to try and capture them as good as they are before they get massacred on track.:p

Tough choices for my next ones to finish since I have three in progress...I'm getting more psyched about finishing an early NSX SuperGT so that might be the next in queue.

Thanks for looking.

2014.03.25, 05:55 PM
Looks like another winner.

2014.03.25, 08:59 PM
Looks really nice :) Specially now with the new sc430 bodies coming out.


2014.03.25, 09:11 PM
I've got another couple sc430s planned and due to the new white bodies coming out I'm going to hold off on one of them until I can source a 98mm shell

2014.03.26, 01:13 AM
Looks awesome as always, hope you can make it on Sunday.

2014.05.21, 08:28 PM
So this is a finished product for a club member. "Do something creative' he said so i made a representation of what i think a Jagermeister sponsored 911GT1 wouldve looked like.

The orange is an Alclad2 "candy" product and its stupid shiny close up.:D


2014.05.21, 08:40 PM
the color is gorgeous.

2014.05.21, 10:50 PM
nice work :D

2014.05.24, 08:40 AM
Very nice!

I like that grey area that gives it a "lighter" look than a full orange.
Keep up with such beautiful bodies!

2014.08.08, 03:34 PM
When I saw this "new take on an old SuperGT" design online i knew I had to mimic it...and since Ryan is team yellow body i convinced him to do this for his AWD:

I present The Pennzoil GTR SuperGT (done on a 2010 shell)


I didnt put it on a body due to my not installing the side clips...I didnt want any temptaton to run it and keep it for myself.

i'll post my 2x458's tomorrow.:D

2014.08.08, 03:48 PM
greeeeeeaaaaaaaat!!!! :D

2014.08.09, 03:15 AM
I saw some spy shots of the new 458's, very impressive indeed.

2014.08.09, 11:25 AM
This one was going to be a client order for an orange shell but at the last moment he changed his mind and wanted something flashy...looks like I'm to benefit from his chnage:

8Star Motorsport LeMans 2012 GTAM Ferrari 458.



I need to build a photo booth.:o

2014.08.09, 12:52 PM
figured out a better place in the house to take photos:


2014.08.09, 01:54 PM
JMB Racing LeMans 2012 GTAM Ferrari 458:


The actual race cars i was trying to reproduce:

getting close to 100%...I figured out a way of getting a better paint on grille intake areas that i intend to try on my next couple. I'll have a lot of practice since I have a little over 20 whitebodies to do in the future.:eek:

2015.12.05, 11:59 AM
Its been a while since I had the urge to do a custom since my 458's having held up to abuse really well...but I figured i needed to get the rust out of my abilities and start getting through the 25+ bodies I have (yes i bought more whites and I have some others in mind for future purchases)

This one is a mash-up idea i came up with. I wanted to do the Petronas Toms Lexus SuperGT but since Kyosho made it an Autoscale I couldn't very well make a copy of a car i might see at our local track.

I'm a big fan of the F1 paint scheme of the Mercedes F1 team and since their fuel sponsor is Petronas the obivous attempt to be to fuse the 2 designs together:

Cowboy's Petronas F1/SuperGT Lexus


next to do is a custom finish/livery on a Citroen DS3 for RFick73.

2015.12.06, 12:33 AM
It works! Looks good.

2015.12.06, 08:40 AM
looks factory, well done :cool:

2015.12.06, 08:01 PM
Pretty cool livery... Decals from? Patto's?
Looking forward to that Citroen. :D

2015.12.06, 09:09 PM
The decals are from shunko models purchased from mediamixhobby. They have a bunch of different sheets meant for Tamiya model kits.

Thanks for the kudos.

I'm looking at starting Ryan s as well as 3 gt1 class bodies for myself. I have 3 LMP bodies to do soon ish but I want to do light kits for those to get some endurance "scale" for them.

2015.12.06, 09:56 PM
What size of decals are you using from Patto's and others? 1/24 or 1/32?

Might look into dressing up some future paint jobs too.

2015.12.06, 10:23 PM
When I order from pattosplace I get him to print at 1/27 because most mini z white bodies are wider than a classic 1/28 scale.

My others are pre-printed at 1/24 but I usually avoid using the color scheme decal and the sponsor seem to blend in decently.

The scale on the last body was 1/24. It doesn't blend too badly.

2016.01.28, 01:40 PM
Finished custom for Rfick73:

Citroen DS3 WRC in Ryan's color scheme (decals from Patto's modified from the Xsara WRC) Just waiting to clearcoat....



This is the last client request I will be doing...my goal is to make it through the 25+ whitebodies I have and keep the ones i want and sell the rest. ;)

2016.01.28, 01:48 PM
That right there is a thing of beauty! Nicely done!

2016.01.28, 01:54 PM
Thanks for the kind words...again i make a body for Ryan that i almost want to keep to avoid it being hammered.

He certainly is no Sebastien Loeb if you get my meaning/reference.:D

2016.01.28, 06:14 PM
Good work as always and yes its hard to get them beat up from running them.:(

2016.01.28, 07:07 PM
another "like" for me... hehehe...
i know that the citroen body is awd....
is the citroen a 90mm? and will you be able to fit it onto a mr03 with hm motor mount?
also what's the offset?

2016.01.28, 09:56 PM
For an 03 it'd be 90mm HM 0 narrows

2016.02.14, 07:06 PM
did a new one for my personal fleet. I call it "Metallic Italian SV"



I've decided i need to build a photo booth....my shoddy phone camera skills don't do the green and red finishes justice.

2016.02.27, 04:26 PM
Flying Lizard Audi R8 LMS:



after probably 8 months and 4 attempts at getting the red paintwork to match the decal set i decided it wasnt going to happen so i got it as close as i could. Since this is one of my favorite IMSA teams i'm happy I was able to finally complete it but becasue the reds don't match I can't give it more than an 8.5 out of 10

2016.02.27, 04:32 PM
Sebastien Loeb Racing FIAGT McLaren 12CGT3:



My best finish to date (not counting the Phoenix Racing Spider Audi R8) due to the fact that asking for 1/27 scale from Pattosplace finds the right balance between width of decals and weird scale of the mini-z body itself.

I give this one a 9.5...:D

I've got one more waiting for clear coat and then it's on to a new batch. I'm super pleased that i was able to take over our downstairs shower stall and make it my paint booth. It really ramps up my production not having to wait for the garage to hit the right temp/humidity.

2016.02.28, 12:34 AM
I like both very much! Great work. :)

2016.03.02, 09:07 PM
Krohn Racing GT-AM Ferrari 458


2016.03.17, 01:02 PM
Jaguar R4 F1 (2003)

Best I could do with the variations in scale and white body shape wasn't quite correct due to it being the Ferrari 248 (2008)


I've got 4 more F1 bodies to come....stay tuned.

2016.03.17, 01:06 PM
My first of three LMP class bodies...Brun Repsol Porsche 962.


Besides some minor scale issues and a freaking cat hair that mysteriously appeared during the clear coat stage I'm really pleased with the end result.

2016.03.17, 04:43 PM
Nice work!

2016.03.17, 06:20 PM
all look good like your usual. :)

2016.11.15, 03:56 PM
A couple for a club member....some newish takes on classic McLaren liveries.

Harrods McLaren F1 GTR Longtail


McLaren 12C-GT3 Marlboro


I think I'm pretty much done doing requests....it seems like every time I get them I have some epic failure that drives me wild and forces some unwanted stress. I will still do one off race liveries on white bodies (which I might sell for the right offer) but to alleviate the worry/stress that develops I will produce the ones I want and if someone likes it they can contact me about purchasing it.

Here's one I forgot to put up when I finished it a while back:

Kraft Daytona Lexus SuperGT


Stay tuned for:

3 McLaren
1 Audi R8
1 Ferrari 458 GT2
1 Mazda 787B
1 Porsche 962
2 Honda NSX
1 Lamborghini Murcielago
1 Aston Martin DB9 GT3
2 Mosler MT900
3 F1 (RedBull, Williams and Renault)

2016.11.15, 04:00 PM
i can sympathize :p too many requests makes it too much like work :o i paint for the fun of it and haven't completed a request in 6+ months.

love the marlboro mclaren, simple sometimes is best. look forward to what you do with the R8.

2016.11.15, 06:11 PM
Your usual good work. What clear coat do you use and how does it hold up?....thanks

2016.11.15, 09:38 PM
I use Future floor finish....it was recommended by the decal producer. It holds up ok but you have to expect some scraping from contacting others

2016.11.16, 06:24 PM
I use Future floor finish....it was recommended by the decal producer. It holds up ok but you have to expect some scraping from contacting others

Thanks. Ive been using RUSTOLEUM auto clear, which works well to.

2016.11.16, 07:02 PM
Thanks. Ive been using RUSTOLEUM auto clear, which works well to.

I would imagine that some bodies I do would benefit from a tougher clear but the decal ink from Pattos is not compatible with some clear sprays which he describes as being too chemically "hot" for his decals.

That being said I have some bodies coming up that I will paint, clear, decal then final clear. it"ll add to durability and create a smoother surface for decal application....the smoother the better adhesion

2016.11.16, 08:38 PM
What scale do you have them printed at? I've only used 1:27 and while not a perfect fit, its close.

2016.11.16, 09:34 PM
What scale do you have them printed at? I've only used 1:27 and while not a perfect fit, its close.

I ended up getting them in 1/32. Little smaller but fit better.

2016.11.17, 09:13 AM
What scale do you have them printed at? I've only used 1:27 and while not a perfect fit, its close.

I'm using 1/27 but my next order I'm considering discussing a custom fitting. I find that length wise 1/27 is almost perfect but width should be closer to 1/25 or so. I'm still trig to figure it out.

2016.11.17, 10:12 AM
yeah, mini-z is morphed scale for some bodies it seems making it difficult to get a precise fit based on a set scale. i understand why this is done but makes decals a real task to match to the body.

2016.11.18, 09:18 AM
:oyeah, mini-z is morphed scale for some bodies it seems making it difficult to get a precise fit based on a set scale. i understand why this is done but makes decals a real task to match to the body.

That's mainly the rain why I'm trying to do most of the paint work instead of these wrap decals that fill in the paint for you. Some of the upcoming ones I've asked to delete the background paint so I can just apply sponsor decals.

For some that go without a background delete (like the Spider Audi 12hr Bathurst) I do some careful trimming down from 1/24.

2016.11.18, 10:48 AM
i do the same thing in requesting background colors being deleted. everything else is fine cutting with an xacto :cool:

2016.11.18, 12:05 PM
i do the same thing in requesting background colors being deleted. everything else is fine cutting with an xacto :cool:

I have a small Tamiya scissor I use, made for decals.

2017.07.06, 08:11 PM
Some recent additions to cowboy's fleet of custom one-off liveries.

Dauer Shell Porsche 962 (LeMans 1986)

Ferrari AFCorse 458 LeMans/WEC 2012

Team Kunimitsu Honda NSX 1997 Lemans.(closest mini-z body was 2002:o)

Oakley/Gleason Technology Audi R8 (12hr of Bathurst)

The last 2 were the hardest of the bunch. The NSX required layering individual sponsor decals over each other to get that side panel finish....epic amount of work to fit everything just so. The Oakley Audi was another of the mini-z scale getting in the way...the 1/27 didn't cover enough over the height of the body yet 1/24 was too big for the length so I wound up combining the 2 sets of decals and with some epic cutting and massaging the shape I finished with something I was mostly happy with. Unfortunately I won't be selling this one as it essentially cost me $100 to do (body and 2 sets of decals)...very unlikely someone will pay me for the time it took to get it all together plus what I paid for it.

2017.07.06, 08:23 PM
very nice batch!

for the audi, this is why i ask patto to remove background colors and just paint those myself. you can never get the scale just right so much easier to paint on the backgrounds and do all the lettering, graphics as decals. avoids the need for multiple sets of decals as well.

great job though, looking forward to seeing what's next. i'm trying to talk myself into doing the madcroc no.81 r8. the crinkle black background would be tuff though.

2017.07.06, 09:03 PM
I agree with you Raymond....in the future I'm planning on deleting background color entirely from his wrap type of decal sheets.

My next ones are a Porsche GT3RS, another Ferrari 458 and a Mazda 787B. I don't have any clients for them they are just for my enjoyment. (2 of them will be a variation of orange so they'll get painted together I think)

First and foremost is to pick a junker body to practice my chrome technique.:eek:

2017.07.06, 10:32 PM
They all look great! I absolutely love that Shell Porsche though!

2017.07.07, 10:18 PM
Oh man, that Kunimitsu NSX!

2017.09.13, 11:17 AM
Are these images hosted somewhere else now? I'd love to take a look at some of these, but just getting the Photobucket "please update your account" image.

2017.09.15, 05:27 PM
Photobucket still hosts the images. They changed their policy such that you have to pay a yearly fee to display hosted images on forums, Amazon, eBay, ect. You'd have to look up Cowboys Photobucket account manually to see them.

2017.09.16, 09:22 AM
Are these images hosted somewhere else now? I'd love to take a look at some of these, but just getting the Photobucket "please update your account" image.

You could also check out my Instagram account... that's pretty much all that's on there. Search for Maxheleau...

2017.11.26, 05:01 PM
I started building an album here on MZR....

I've got a new F1 body in the works and i'm really pleased with the way it's shaping up. I'll probably create an F1 body album once it's done.

2018.02.10, 06:04 PM
My albums are updated.

2018.03.24, 12:27 AM
Impressive looking collection of custom bodies! I enjoy seeing your work. I've been working on some of my own, but I only have a couple done. One problem I've been having is that my bodies paint chip like crazy once they get in some minor wrecks on the track. I'm curious about what type of paint you use and whether you have found a way to make it more durable. I airbrush thinned Tamiya Acrylic on Tamiya-Primered white bodies, and then follow up with Tamiya Clear (thinned and airbrushed as well. After everything is cured, I polish and wax everything up. It is frustrating to go to all that trouble and then see the paint on the front of my car chip to the white plastic on the first collision. If you have any advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

2018.04.01, 05:24 PM
I honestly don't think I have any advice for you...I use Tamiya airbrush pots as well straight onto the white body.

I get 2 issues:

1. As you've stated I get some rub and cracking marks in the paint.
2. I sometimes also get a weird spider cracking in the paint under the clear coat which I believe has to do with the flexing of the body on and off of the chassis mounts.

All in all I mostly ignore the tiny dramas. I' used to be afraid of running the bodies but now I see it as the effects of racing that also occurs on 1:1 liveries as well....ever see what an Audi R8GT3 looks like at the end of a real life sprint race?

One other thing I've trended towards is doing mostly white race cars as it's less noticeable when impact chips occur on white bodies.

I guess long story short (too late!) is learn to live with it if you want custom bodies.

2018.04.01, 08:19 PM
Thanks for the advice. I'll have to keep experimenting. I have started some classic Le Man's cars for some vintage racing we have planned.

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

2018.04.09, 07:11 AM
I really like the Oakley R8! What scale did you get those decals at? I just bought the decals for the 911 GT1 Marlboro car myself and look to complete that in the coming month(s).
For the Hankook schemes, it turns out so much better applying the striping with paint. I struggled with the same issue of decals not matching scale and just painted them on. Thankful I did as it turned out much better for me.

2018.04.10, 03:58 PM
I wound up buying both the 1/24 scale and the 1/27 scale decals for the Oakley R8 as fitment was off both in length and width for either of the scales. I blended the pieces together with some careful cutting and minor overlapping.

I have the Hankook decals for an upcoming Mosler project. I will be doing the paint stripes this time.:rolleyes:

The Marlboro 911 GT1 that I did still ranks as one of my favorites. I have a GT1 coming out soon that will be a full custom creation with some leftover decals as a client request.

Stay tuned to my gallery....

2018.04.11, 06:53 AM
I also have the 'hole in the wall' decals coming for the 911 GT1. I took a chance as the livery is a bit odd, unique. I may keep looking for a suitable Martini livery that can be adapted to the GT1. There are just so many versions of the Martini livery to look at, making it hard to pick.

Patto has such a large variety of R8 livery to choose from. I'd love to do one of the Playstation game themed but they all tend to be black base color

Anyway, i'm subscribed and looking forward to seeing what you do next.

2018.06.19, 09:54 PM
Patto has such a large variety of R8 livery to choose from. I'd love to do one of the Playstation game themed but they all tend to be black base color

Anyway, i'm subscribed and looking forward to seeing what you do next.

I made the Playstation R8 in black, and it dissappears on the track, however, I have seen a bright red version, and all the decals would work great on red. You should give it a try!