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2013.04.23, 04:56 PM
Where is a good place to see what F1 cars are available and where is a good place to purchase them?

2013.04.24, 02:07 AM
I guess you live in USA?
And maybe you want to see them up close?
I can't help you with that.

But some of the F1 is listed here (http://www.mini-z.ru/gal_tag/?gallerytag=formula1).
Seems to be quite complete.

Both Kenon and Tiny is a good place to buy I think.
I got mine from Finland and some other guys from egrracing.com

2013.04.24, 03:48 AM
Yes I live in the US. Alot of the places I have looked are sold out. I currently have 1/10 cars and really like the looks of F1 cars and I am very interested in minis. How do you like yours?
Thank you

2013.04.24, 04:06 AM
Oh all my parts are on the way from US to me now.
So it might take some days before I can start on my F1.

I also got a 3Racing FGX 1:10, but after a Mini-Z competition in Finland where I saw the F1 racing, I really "needed" a MF-015. Now I just need to get it done.
Never going to run this box stock. Hopefully I will get it to run ok at my local track where Rune runs his GT Mod car.

So maybe in a month I can answer that question. :D

2013.04.24, 07:09 PM
Well i have a car on its way. Cant wait if they are as fun as everyone says I am sure I will be upgrading and buying more.

2013.04.25, 01:09 AM
Wherabouts in IN? Might be some clubs near you, just check the clubs forum on here. If you're close to Chicago, there is a really good club there.

The cars are extremely fun, F1 or Racer. The F1 can be very finicky in the setup and it's always better to race on a good surface like carpet or RCP. There are some great tuning tips in the F1 Chassis discussion threads here.

I have some bumpers on my design site you may want to order to protect that front-end if you're gonna be bashing it around.

2013.04.25, 06:45 PM
Took a look at your site once I get my car with have to start buying some goodies.

2013.04.25, 09:12 PM
Ok next question I have what is the most cost effective scoring system that works great with the F1 cars? I may try to set up a mini z club locally for the F1 cars so any info on just the F1 cars would be GREATLY appreciated any pics of the transponders mounted would be great.

2013.04.26, 05:24 AM
I'm a big fan of the Core system... got it years ago and works perfect for what we need. Last one I found on here was a used one and it came with extra transponders, all for less than $200.

I've purchased a few over the years, but only to have on hand for a backup (which I've never needed. I usually ended up selling them on here or to clubs that were looking to get into HFAY. The transponders are cheap and take no power to operate from the cars. It's basically an RFID system. There are threads on all the available lap counting systems on here.

Currently, a bunch of my club racers are mounting that transponders onto the bottoms of there cars using a slim vinyl business card hoders taped to the battery covers.

2013.04.26, 05:27 AM
Robitronic is great. Small and light transponders.
Lap-Z is great, but I'm not sure if they ship just yet.

2013.04.26, 07:58 PM
Been reading the threads on systems. Seems as though its like anything some people like certain ones. Was curious as what seems to be popular.

2013.04.27, 04:07 AM
yep. so get a system that you can fit easy in the cars and where spareparts are availible.

2013.04.27, 07:33 AM
I am leaning towards a ILap system seen the transponders mounted in a F1. Looks like with just minor trimming they work fine. Though I would like to see a Robotronics transponder in a F1 to see if that system would work for what I want.

2013.04.27, 11:38 AM
I cant show you until late next week.
but the robitronic transponder "needs" to be taken out of the casing for less weight.

2013.04.27, 11:54 AM
If u can send a picture next wk that would be great.

2013.04.27, 01:20 PM
i need to fit both robitronic and lapz
yes i can post picture

2013.04.27, 08:18 PM
Trackmate transponder mounted under shell and driver area removed to allow for scanning.

I've been a huge fan of the Trackmate system...great transponders that run with a number of software.


2013.04.30, 09:22 PM
buuhuu, you removed the driver...

but all my parts are 120km away and just waiting for me.
Hope I get them this week and testing at the end of next week.

2013.04.30, 09:53 PM
Derek - maybe you can install the driver on top of the transponder, you only need a small hole for it to work over the square white IR LED.

2013.05.05, 08:07 AM
Well I got my car and while I was in town i stopped by my local hobby shop. They have a small ozite carpet track and I wanted to test the car out. So I put the car on the track out of the box. Laid out a basic road course (they use wood 2x4 for barriers) went into the first turn spun out, so back to the pit area soaked the rear tires with Niftech traction sauce. Went back out big difference car was drivable had good speed. I am not a big fan of the stock am radio but its ok. I know I need different tires and need to look at some tuning options on the chassis cleaning up kingpins etc. I can see where these cars can be a blast and I will either build my own track or see if the owner of the hobbyshop will let me try to build a class there.
So I need to do some more searching for more tuning options then try some more testing. I can see buying another car soon.

2013.05.05, 08:22 PM
Well I figured i would buy another car to take with me as a "loaner" per say when I go to the track. If I build a track here at the house I can get my daughter or son when he is home from college to have someone to turn laps with. Now to start reading and tuning these little beast.