View Full Version : Decal setting compound?

2013.04.24, 12:55 PM

Curious to find out if anyone has had success with making water slide decals last longer with decal setting compound. I understand the liquid melts the decal edges to bond it to plastic better than just stock so I'm keen to try it out.

Anyone with experience with the product?

2013.04.24, 01:59 PM
I have never heard of this and would be interested to know also.
For my next shell, I was going to spray a coat of clear then apply decals and spray another coat of clear on top. Is this a bad idea?

2013.04.24, 03:03 PM
Watersides that you print at home should be cleared before applying. If they are laser print they do not. I believe this setting compound is just clear that sets the ink. Keeping it from running when put in water.

2013.04.24, 04:23 PM
I have used it. To me (atleast) it seems to make the decal more flexible.

2013.04.24, 04:26 PM
if you're talking about decal setting solution (Micro Sol and Micro Set) then yes, I've used them. They pretty much help the adhesion of your decals to irregular surfaces, but I'm not sure if you need to clear coat first.

Micro set helps soften the decals a bit while helping it stick.

Micro Sol is for more irregular surface (with rivets or vents) where you just brush it on and leave it for hours. although it looks messy it'll eventually melt on and look like it's painted on.

Hope this helps

2013.04.24, 04:31 PM
You definitely need to clearcoat first if you're using inkjets... I know from experience. From what another person in my club that used laser printers for his decals, the setting solution just made his decals extremely flexible and helped them fit into fine details in the car more easily.

In my experience with waterslides they seem to adhere to the car pretty well as long as you're not an impact prone reckless driver like myself :) I usually put another layer of clear coat over them once applied to be sure they stay on.

2013.04.25, 05:41 AM
I use laser paper and a Laser printer so sealing isn't an issue I was coming more of a durability point of view.

2013.04.25, 01:35 PM
Right, all the decal setting compound does is help the decal conform to the surface for a more painted-on look. For racing, it won't help the durability much (except help the decal stick completely w/ few air bubbles) so you'll have to clear coat it for durability.