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2013.04.27, 06:52 PM
Hello I recently purchased the Mini Z MA-015 from Atomic Mods. Its the one that has Tiki Tiki mode. For some reason when I try to go in reverse it wont do anything, but forward works. Also it makes a beeping noise whenever I turn the car on. I can make a video if needed to explain these problems better if needed. If anyone can help please help me. I just hope it was not a waste of money. Thanks in advance.

- jtarules89

2013.04.27, 08:14 PM
There should be a button that sets forward/reverse balance. Try fooling with that to get reverse.

As for beeping when you turn it on...?

2013.04.27, 08:26 PM
It may have tiki tiki mode activated. I had issues with my buggy going faster in reverse compared to forward and this was down to tiki tiki unknowingly being switched on.

2013.04.27, 09:13 PM
Okay thanks for the replies. I will try those suggestions, and post back if they worked or not. By the way I have the Perfex KT-18 controller, how would I adjust the forward and or reverse on it. Sorry I am kind of a noob at this stuff still.

2013.04.28, 12:41 AM
To be honest i'm unfamiliar with the buttons but I'd say the manual should point you towards either a set of buttons or a switch that'll adjust steering center and forward/reverse...figure out which does which i guess.:D

2013.04.28, 08:52 AM
Welcome to the forums... The kt18 is kinda under rated... It's a pretty good radio (although some feel otherwise)... My first guess is the throttle setting, try to adjust and see if it works as cowboysir suggested. Click the Kyosho online manuals in my signature, I believe that there's a link there that will bring you to a kt-18 manual… alternatively you can use the search function… hope this helps. Oh the kt18 can't activate the tiki tiki mode, you will have to get a radio that has a third channel. Try reading the manual, do a re-set or re-bind. Haven't played around with my tiki-tiki in quite a while... Good luck. And don't forget to let us know how it turned out...

2013.04.28, 10:18 AM
Sounds like a throttle trim issue to me. On the KT18, the throttle trim is the up/down rocker button next to the wheel. You will hear it give a double blip sound when you find center trim and the endpoints. When you find center, go four or five beeps up from there.

Also, first forward motion on the trigger applies the brakes. Wait .5 seconds, hit it again and it should go into reverse.