View Full Version : Tires for Wood Floors

2013.04.29, 02:25 PM
So I have jumped into mini z with some enthusiasm and I have discovered some interesting things.

I have tried out a multitude of tires as my primary track is a wood floor gym.

Sweeping makes for a huge improvement in grip obviously but the best grip tire I have found is the softest radial from the xmod tire kit and some tire tape.They are gripier than kyosho 20s, GPM 8s and 15s.

Does anyone have some other good suggestions for wood floor tires?

2013.04.30, 09:51 AM
A mop and bucket, that will get most of the dirt up and the car might actually stick.

If you really want the dirt to stay on the wood and not stick to the tires, a fine mist of sugar water on the floor surface would do it! Probably not the best option for most situations though.

2013.04.30, 11:00 AM
in my and my customer's experience, foam tires work best.