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2002.08.10, 04:30 AM
does anyone have these?

2002.08.10, 04:48 AM

Any links to them?

2002.08.10, 05:15 AM
Are they the rtr, 1/12 ones? With 2 steep speed control and proportional steering? (9V 'square' battery in the controller)

2002.08.10, 08:49 AM
yep, they are on the american tamiya site


i was wondering if anyone here had these and wat mods they have on them

2002.08.10, 12:24 PM
I've only seen the RX/esc board in person. It looked more like a canned heat than mini-Z. So I'm not impressed.

Ken Mifune
2002.08.10, 06:32 PM
Did you see the 1/10 F1 on that site? It's 4WD. I guess that's so it can keep up with some of the 4WD touring cars.

2002.08.11, 05:09 AM
i have a 1/10 suburu tamiya quickdrive. cost 100. it was quite good as a first rc car, as all you need is one of those square batteries (a powerpack for the car is included) and it doesnt need any assembly. but i dont think it can be upgraded. i lent mine to a friend who has a sort of speed thingy. apparantly it goes 30mph, but i havent witnessed it yet. i dont have a big area to drive it.

btw, mine is a 2WD

2002.08.12, 01:43 AM
i think u can get ball bearings and a hop-up motor. they're pretty fun though as a first car. i think u could put a turbo or somehting in it and make it fast.

2002.08.12, 05:18 AM
Hi Adrian,

Check out the following link for the Tamiya QD cars.


They are very basic 1:10 scale RC car powered by a 380 type motor. I baught one of these things for my 13 year old cousin's birthday and I've driven them. Their top speed is about 60-70% of a standard stock Tamiya TL01 chassis cars..... so I don't think they go any where near 30mph.

A stock Mini-Z with a 9 tooth pinion can probably go quicker than the QD cars. They do have a 2 speed transmission where you can swtich between low and high gear. The tyres are a very hard compound and they hardly wear at all. (Therefore not much grip).

There are some (but very little) hop up parts for it. (eg... bearings and rims and tyres.... that's about it.)

In summary, they are simple and beginner type RC cars.

Hope this helps.

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.12, 05:35 AM

If you are thinking of getting one because you only have a certain budget. Spend that money on a proper Tamiya 1/10 or equivelent on ebay. There is loads to choose from.

2002.08.12, 06:07 AM
iv already got one, its been up in my cupboard for like yrs now and i cant remember how i got it. iv started to use it now because im waiting on some miniz parts to come and i was bored. also my HPI pro2's rear differential is stuffed and needs to get fixed.

i was just wondering if there r any parts for these coz i thought that is was a bit slow.

so how can u make these faster?

2002.08.12, 07:19 AM
Originally posted by Adrian
i think u can get ball bearings and a hop-up motor. they're pretty fun though as a first car. i think u could put a turbo or somehting in it and make it fast.


The larger scale cars use full size electronics.
There is no need for a "Turbo" as turbo's are designed specifically for Mini-Z's.
On the larger scale cars greater speed and higher torque is achieved by using faster (lower turn) motors, combined with high-rate battery packs (7.2 Volt) and more powerful ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers)

2002.08.12, 07:51 AM
Maybe you could reduce the winds on the motor fitted?

2002.08.13, 03:08 AM
how do u do that?

2002.08.13, 04:50 AM
Its probably best you don't then. Its gotter be done right otherwise you can wreck the motor and the car.

I did it on a Tamiya 540 years ago. It was loads faster for a while, then my soldering fell apart and jammed the motor and melted the speed controller. Lol. :rolleyes: :)