View Full Version : Freedom Rail Pin™ (45 pack) for Foam Tiles

2013.05.01, 09:34 AM
MC3 has been working on a rail system for over a year now with the first release of the system being our Freedom Rail Pins™.

Basically, the pins allow you to attach RCP foam rails to any generic foam tile (i.e. Home Depot, Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc...) which allow the creation of any sized lane width to maximize use of your space.

Pics and further information using the link below:


Special thanks to Fai for design work and Peter for manufacturing leads.

This product was engineered in Canada and made in China.

Expect more cool things to come soon.

Link to installation instructions below:


2013.05.01, 11:30 AM
very innovative solution:cool:

this would suit anyone with a large blank foam floor covering allowing you to orient the rails any way you wish over that floor covering. any reason why this couldn't work on carpet as well?

i've not tried before but how self healing are most common foam tiles? do the pins leaver noticeable holes?

2013.05.01, 12:11 PM
Thanks. This was probably the 4th design that we settled on. Many 3d printed prototypes, etc.. The final product is injection moulded.

Conceptually the pins would work on carpet, however most guys glue their carpet down to a subfloor. We do have a version modified for that application that we are still testing. The problem we're having and are concerned with is that the way we are using to secure the pins to the subflooring can, in some cases, result in pulling of the carpet fibers. So, stay tuned for that application solution.

As far as holes go, yes, holes tend to "go away" or significantly reduce in size to almost nothing as the pin size is a little less than 2mm.

As you noted, the bonus of this system is that you can create any sized lane width making maximal use of your space since it doesn't require "two tile" lanes. In fact, you can create decreasing or increasing or fixed lane width to make racing even more interesting.

Thanks for the comments. Keep 'em coming.

2013.05.01, 12:42 PM

Now all you need is some kind of very flexible foam rails that are say 10' long and you can really get custome layouts going! Like a one-tile wide true chicane?

2013.05.01, 01:45 PM
This is good stuff! I have 60 to 70 expansion tiles doing nothing, could be an entire custom layout in my basements future.

2013.05.01, 05:10 PM
Sweet! I have a small number of generic foam tiles and had been scratching my head and dragging my feet in making crash-friendly rails.

I'll see about getting some RCP rails soon..

2013.05.01, 09:14 PM
Very nice work!

2013.05.02, 12:46 PM
i don't think anyone is bound to rcp rails with these either. so long as you provide the mounting hole, you could make your own rails out of whatever material you wish.
i wonder if you can put velcro on the bottom and use them for rail anchor points on carpet tracks?

it just seems like these can be used for much more than just rcp rails on foam tracks. :p