View Full Version : audi r8 lms australian redback spider

2013.05.02, 02:53 AM
was looking around and found this...

did a little research and found out that... the australian redback spider themed white, along with a kangaroo themed black R8 LMS competed at the 12-hour race at Bathurst on February 26, 2012 as the title defender... the black roo won...

saw the pic at r.c.p. hk - mini rc car track click here (http://rcphk.wordpress.com/gallery-%E7%9B%B8%E7%89%87%E5%8F%8A%E5%BD%B1%E7%89%87/)

2013.05.02, 08:00 AM
Guess I won't be the first to do it then...even though he hasn't got the themed paint work done (on that body in the photo).

I knew it could be done. It just takes some very careful planning of cuts into the decals to conform to body shape and the use of micro-sol

2013.05.02, 11:27 AM
Looks awesome! Someone with a steady hand and the correct paint/brushes could hand paint the web portion.

2013.05.02, 09:46 PM
Due to a massive cat fight in my house my Audi will not be finished...

cats race around, knock table which knocks water plate (which soaks decals) which in turn tosses decal onto floor which gets stuck to cat and races away to unstick it against other cat....

You can't even script this.:eek: I'm F-ing cursed today.:(

2013.05.03, 06:22 AM
clear coat the car afterward ;) sorry to hear of it's loss of decals. :(

2013.05.03, 08:20 AM
man i love this