View Full Version : MF-015 - New Car No Friends :(

2013.05.05, 12:41 AM
Hey guys,

I decided to build a Mini-Z track in my basement and as I love F1, the MF-015 was the obvious choice :) So far I've tested the car and the timing system on a small 12'x7' Carpet Oval whilst I eagerly await for the RCP track to arrive (Tuesday). The carpet isn't really appropriate (not enough grip even with traction compound) but after a few hundred laps consistency is coming.

I was just wondering how to set up the car for racing on the RCP track. I race off-road at a local track but no-one has Mini-Zs and I normally gain all of my information from my fellow racers. I was therefore hoping that someone could school me in the basics to getting the MF-015 set up (tires and common mods) for racing with my son.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2013.05.05, 08:38 AM
Quickest way to a good F1 setup?... The right tires. Pretty universal thing here to run Kyosho 30 fronts and Kyosho 20 rears. That can be 80-90% of the car's setup right there.

I run some very basic setups on mine and I do have a tune thread on here in the F1 chassis discussion. Alloy front knuckles, Bearings, aftermarket side plates and a ball diff are probably the next essentials.

2013.05.05, 02:55 PM
Perfect thank you, I'll check that out.

On another note, it seems like the Mini-Zs are in decline here in the US. I'm I missing something?

2013.05.05, 07:25 PM
economy, rising costs... nope, not missing anything. i will counter that regional club racing in our area is doing well, if not growing. mini-z is far from dead. it's just in a down cycle. when you've been around them since 2001, you see these cycles come and go.