View Full Version : Need help! M2 nut strip on mr03

2013.05.06, 03:32 PM
Hi, i just got my mr03 a few days ago. and i striped an m2 nut on my front wheel which i couldnt get it off my front knuckle. Any suggestion on what shall i try because i can't take the wheel off also. Thanks

2013.05.06, 04:27 PM
last time that happened to me i had to cut wheel off, plastic wheel (aluminum knuckle). that was ages ago though. can you get a set of pliers with enough bite on the nut to pull off the nut? the nylon sleeve should stick to the shaft as that is what strips. i don't know how far you got it off before it striped. if it's a plastic knuckle, get a set of new ones and simply crack the shaft out of the knuckle.

never tried this but can you heat the nut with a soldering iron to melt the inner sleeve?

2013.05.06, 04:54 PM
Before you damage the nut too much get your wheel nut wrench on the nut. Then while turning counter clockwise to loosen it, apply pressure to the wheel against the nut. The added pressure against the nut will probably push it off as you turn. Then throw away the aluminum nuts and use the plastic ones. When one of those gets stripped or worn there is no problem throwing them away because of cost.

unearthed name
2013.05.07, 02:36 AM
put a double tape in your wrench. the added traction should help.

2013.05.07, 05:27 AM
I think the nut got strip inside the tread, the outside hex is still ok, if i wanna change to alu knuckle from PN or atomic, do i need other parts to assembly with stock mr03?

2013.05.07, 09:31 AM
Thank you everyone, i just found out the problem. My stock knuckle broke in half that's why i couldnt get the nut off the shaft. I guess I have to buy new steering knuckle, Any suggestion for the good one? Atomic, PN or 3racing?

unearthed name
2013.05.08, 12:29 AM
just based it on your budget