View Full Version : AutoMicro Race Program?

2013.05.07, 05:58 PM
What happened to the AutoMicro race program you ask?

I didn't schedule any races this month because my attention is needed in the shop on weekends. Hate to bring business into it, but selling the bigger cars is what keeps our lights on. However, this doesn't necessarily spell the end for Mini-Z racing at AutoMicro....well it could, but that's why I'm posting today...

I am seeking a volunteer or two to help us resume Mini-Z competitions here at AutoMicro. I can teach you how to use the computer, and I will always be here onsite to help you through any race related situation you may encounter.

You would be in charge of calling races & doing your best to ensure the racers enjoy the program. I don't mind if you participate in the race as well. The races would need to be run during normal business hours. I would like to see someone who genuinely has a passion for radio controlled racing step up to give us a hand in keeping the Mini-Z scene going strong.

If you can help me out, please let me know.


2013.05.23, 12:30 AM
We had a few racers express interest in helping keep the racing going. Our first scheduled run, the first ever AutoMicro Speed Meet will take place on June 29th. July dates will be announced soon!