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2013.05.09, 12:28 PM
Hi I'm new here.

This is my story of first weeks of owning my first rc car.

Just got my Mini-Z a few weeks ago. I had read about the MiniZ online and while I was out walking in Hong Kong on a Sunday I stumbled across a street that was filled with RC car and soft airgun stores.

Bought a mr03 in the first store I entered. Had lots of fun with it on the first day with lots of crashes. Let a young kid who walked by while I was driving give it a go and the front chassi broke off. So next day I went back to the stores and got a new chassi, xspeed engine, t plate, ball bearings, tool kit and batteries.

Now I am in Guangzhou, China. I have found some places that seem to race MiniZ online so I will try to go there one day for my first race. I hope to improve by practicing at home first. Are there any practice drills recommended for practicing at home?

2013.05.12, 03:24 AM
Unless you have the money to buy your own track (usually carpet or RCP foam material) it is difficult to get useful practice driving at home. I would just go to the track, last time I went to Hong Kong there were at least two operational carpet tracks where the locals were knowledgeable and very eager to help newcomers get up to speed.

To learn basic car control though, any slippery, smooth floor will work. Do you have a tile/hardwood floor? I learned how to drive Mini-Z on these surfaces, where the tires will pick up dust, become slippery, and force you to learn how to control a drift. When your reactions are fast enough to drift an MR03 (not perfectly, just good enough), you will be more than prepared to race locally. :)

2013.05.30, 10:08 PM
greetings mylittlefinger... and welcome to the forums...

i can definitely relate to you... that street in h.k. is probably kws (kwong wah st.)... and is probably the r/c mecca for most r/c hobbyists... as color01 mentioned... there are 2 mini-z tracks in h.k.... egr, and ct track... i haven't been there in a long time but i think they're still open...

kinda sad to hear what happened to your car... kinda reminds me of something funny... most guys call these "toys".... and some of them end up saying "these cars aren't toys" when someone (especially some kid) breaks an expensive part... :D

i have been to guangzhou twice... and haven't seen any mini-z's around... (wasn't looking around, didn't have much info and not too much time to actually look for it)... would be really interested if you have any info on mini-z's there... :D

2013.05.30, 10:22 PM
h.k. track info...

RC MMS Track
4/F Flat B, Fok On Factory Building, 1123 Canton Road, Monkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 26259089
Business hours:
Monday day-off
Tue~Sat 17:30 - 00:00
Sunday 15:00 - 00:00

Club Track
Room 1408, 14/F, Block A, Fok Keung Industrial Building, 66-68 Tong Mei Road, Mong kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 27838084
Business hours:
Monday - off
Tue-Fri and Sun 14:00-02:00
Sat 14:00-05:00

2013.08.12, 05:57 AM
are you still in guangzhou?