View Full Version : F1 questions

2013.05.09, 02:16 PM
Anybody have a list of upgrades and or necessary changes for a F1 car?

2013.05.10, 05:19 AM
I will try 1 deg knuckles, new front springs, PN motor mount, new rear springs, PN50T motor, ball bearings, Kyosho DPS, 64p ball diff and carbon rear suspention plates for a start.
Also swapping motor and battery wires for better wires.
Going to FET upgrade to 8858(?).

Need the UID front bumper also.
Of course tires, but here I got to see what works on the track.

I hope I get my parts soon. And good luck with your F1!

2013.05.10, 08:02 AM
knuckles and front bumper are a must to at least have on the back burner as those are probably the first things to get demolished

2013.05.10, 08:57 AM
Have you driven it on track yet? With the F1 being a tricky chassis to start on getting a sense of its dynamics as a stock chassis is key.

I'd start with tires (kyosho slick F1 20r and 30f) and some bearings and then practice with it. Learn how the car reacts to inputs and then figure out if you need front end work (knuckles, springs etc) or rear end work( softer or stiffer side plates, springs).

It's very rewarding to get a high performing F1 but it comes with practice.

2013.05.10, 09:20 PM
Thanks for the info everyone. Yes I have had it on a local carpet track. It handled decent unfortunately I am the only 1 around here that has a mini z so I dont have anyone to bounce things off of. When I go race my mod buggy next wknd I will take the z with me to show it off.