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2013.05.14, 09:51 AM
There's a lot of 94-98mm MM cars out there and I do race Stock and GT Mod.
But I wanted a little different setup on this one and I wanted something that you might have to drive "clean" to go fast.
it will of course never be as fast as Stock....

But here are "my" rules:

This will be a 86mm, narrow and RM cup ONLY! It has to be a old Porsche, so that means the 906, 934 and 935.
Motor is 70T for now.
All modifications is allowed to the chassi, all MR-03 and MR-03 Chase Mode.
You can't do any modifications to the body that is visible from the outside.
Yes you can cut the inside roof of the windows, but It can show from outside.
You don't have to put on vipers and mirrors but please do for scale aperance.

The gearing wil be 9T with kyosho spur, 12T with 64P spur and 24T with 126P spur.

You can change FET's on the car, but no other jumbomubo.

With any of these body's






And all the variants we can make...

And this is how my first car looks like so far:

Lowered the body mount with styrene. Original narrow lower bridge, extra long king pins, Reflex upper bridge, Reflex short a-arms and PN MR-02 short springs.


PN RM motor mount, PN 70T motor, 12T pinion, "special" diff with 53T spur. Atomic LM DPS mount with silver spring and PN t-plate #3.


If you manage to see it, I use the original mid size plastic top damper mount. Just cut down to fit.
If you use a 98mm DPS, you can use the same principal with the shortes top damper mount. I just don't have a picture of it.


This is my unfinished body


There was almost no jumping in the front or in the rear at the end. Ended up with no NutBreak, no brake and Kyosho 20 rear and Kyosho 30 front.
Almost as fast as my stock car around the same track. Just missing like 0.4s
Very unforgiving with to much steering on and off power. Just like it should be.

The body weighs just over 30g with the window cut out.

and it looks beautiful at the straights....

What is your opinion on this cup?

2013.05.21, 04:41 AM
This is my first finished body