View Full Version : Overland wheel base and witdh

2013.06.04, 10:15 AM
The overland, is it possible to put one of these body's on top of a MR-03?

Like what wheel base is some of these body's? 94? 96? 98?
And do a MR-03 fit underneath it?

I guess I have to fabricate body mounts, but that is not a problem if the MR-03 goes well underneath the body.

Can anybody help me on this quest?

2013.06.04, 10:17 AM
I'm looking for white body's of ex X5, Escalade, g55 or land cruiser

2013.06.04, 11:21 AM
Should work.
I measured my old Overland, and the track with are 69mm.
Wheelbase are 95mm.

Here's a pic of an old Pajero body on top of an 98mm 3 offset mod car.

2013.06.04, 01:18 PM
ah, looks promising for a fun project.
Then maybe LM or nascar chassi would fit nicly under a longer Escalade or something.

2013.06.04, 05:54 PM
i've raced overland bodies on racer chassis long ago. you just have to pair a body with the closes approximate wheelbase. it's fun though :p i'm sure there are pictures on here as well if you care to search back that far.