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2013.06.05, 01:36 AM
Hello everybody,
My name is Milan Medic and I'm from Croatia.
I have done my share in RC racing but in different scale, mostly 1/5 off road (I was Croatian champion in 2010)
But, enough about me  let's talk about mini z F1

I own three F1 mini z models (ferarri, mclaren, jordan body) and one Viper body.
At this point I don't know are they all working or not because I was driving them couple of years ago.
Also, there are no crystals (I switch to DSM ages ago) but I'm quite sure that they are working.
Together with models there's a big number of hop ups and spare parts, tires, motors, springs, chassis, etc.
Today, when I get back from work I will take couple of photos of entire lot.

I am kindly asking all of U to help me determine approx value of entire lot because I would like to sell everything.
Please contact me for additional question you may have, it will be my pleasure

Best regards

2013.06.05, 03:25 AM
welcome to the forums... selling really depends on what you have and what condition they are in... am f1's may go low as 40-50 usd to about 70-90 usd tops... they may sell for more if they come with extras… posting pics may help... you can also scout eBay to see how much they go for these days... good luck

oh how is the mini z scene over there?

2013.06.05, 05:32 AM
oh how is the mini z scene over there?

dear herman,

thank you for your answer.
today, latest tomorrow I will post lots of pictures of models and hop ups so you can see my collection.

unfortunately situation with mini scene is not good, I can say there is no mini scene anymore.
the smallest scale driven in Croatia is 1/18 with popular X-Ray 1/18 models still driven on Ni-MH batteries.
mostly driven are
1/10 electro on road touring cars
1/5 petrol on road touring and F1 cars
1/5 petrol off road
and during winter time 1/18.

there are also couple of drifting teams also and lots of enthusiasts or should I call them weekend drivers.

there were couple of us that bought mini z models and we even had proffesional track, but among, approx. 100 drivers in Croatia there was 4-5 of us that were involved in mini racing.
at the end track was sold, I think to Germany, but cars were kept (probably because of good memories or some sentimental value :))

at this point I would like to sell my entire collection with suitcase and everything because there is no one I could race with.
my son is still to young (6 months :D) so for his age to come I will find something more appropriate :)

huh I really can't stop, can I?! :D:D:D

once more, thank you for replying

Best regards

2013.06.05, 06:21 AM
sadly its the same situation over here... so i know exactly what you mean, hehe... so for the most part i just collect stuff now… if price is right i might be interested... however shipping might just be too much (i live in the philippines by the way)... send me a private message… I'll be looking forward to those pics. :D

2013.06.05, 07:04 AM
however shipping might just be too much (i live in the philippines by the way)

piece of cake, we can meet halfway :D:D:D

http://www.zaslike.com/files/x2ugb0e7d85v4itz24gs_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=x2ugb0e7d85v4itz24gs.jpg)

2013.06.06, 02:46 AM
hmmm… i figure that to be in pakistan or afghanistan…? :D

2013.06.06, 08:47 AM
hmmm… i figure that to be in pakistan or afghanistan…? :D

hahahahahahaha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

2013.08.01, 02:02 AM
dear herman,

here is couple of photos of my F1 suitcase
i'll try to take couple of photos of spare parts, thats another box


http://www.zaslike.com/files/fchmkf6v0kmao54gly96_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=fchmkf6v0kmao54gly96.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/60m7rv9ark3hfer8alj_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=60m7rv9ark3hfer8alj.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/e7k50s3pl7jdv9j206nt_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=e7k50s3pl7jdv9j206nt.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/ikubcoue5t1gt1dqdgxd_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=ikubcoue5t1gt1dqdgxd.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/zcdyby0kamryiawdey0m_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=zcdyby0kamryiawdey0m.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/lecb7t54cv60olybabpz_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=lecb7t54cv60olybabpz.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/9u0y8djkzucgtkpl10o8_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=9u0y8djkzucgtkpl10o8.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/duud8tf7fwfhm6f9p7_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=duud8tf7fwfhm6f9p7.jpg)

2013.08.07, 01:13 AM
2herman - your PM box is full

2013.09.05, 04:51 AM
http://www.zaslike.com/files/ebyyh6dv5j4g6d4pagf_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=ebyyh6dv5j4g6d4pagf.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/iz9dndmxz5n8m6al8skt_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=iz9dndmxz5n8m6al8skt.jpg)

http://www.zaslike.com/files/awwzeh3zdfgm26srhhnm_thumb.jpg (http://www.zaslike.com/viewer.php?file=awwzeh3zdfgm26srhhnm.jpg)